The Best Self-Defense Classes for Women


It’s very important for women to learn self defense to defend themselves from any kind of attacks. There are various types of self-defense class that take place for the benefits of women. Some focus on certain things and some don’t. There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to Self-defense classes, Gurgaon. While opting, make sure that you choose something which is best for you.


Best Self-defense classes in Gurgaon

  1. Padded Attacker Courses

When it comes to Self-defense classes Gurgaon padded attacker classes are short- term classes for all the women who don’t have time or interest in learning self defense or Karate training in Delhi NCR. This is the most common type of defense classes for the women. The famous version of the class is RAD, also known as Rape Aggression Defense.  The basic concept of this is to fight off any person who is trying to rape you.  In these classes, assailant is padded fully. This allows women to hit him with full force. Women are also told the points where most damage can take place like throat, groin and many more. Women are taught to attack the people who attack them from behind.

  1. Fitness Kickboxing Programs

These programs are like aerobics that are derived from martial arts. These give women the motivation to get in shape and work out. They give confidence to women to learn more of self defense and martial arts. Getting in good shape is beneficial as it helps in fighting with the attacker through kicking, blocking, and punching.

  1. Traditional Martial Arts
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Since thousands of years, traditional martial arts have been the main form of self defense. It teaches women everything she needs to learn about defending herself. These classes vary in use as well as style. The most famous martial arts are Judo, Jujitsu, Taekwondo and Karate.

  1. Taekwondo

Taekwondo is the appropriate form of martial art for women’s self defense classes. A large number of Self-defense classes, Gurgaon teach Taekwondo techniques to women for self defense as well as self protection. The roots of Taekwondo have originated from Korea. It develops co-ordination, flexibility, speed, strength, and also improves reflexes.

  1. Aikido

A very famous Japanese martial art form for the self defense for women is Aikido. This form doesn’t require that much of physical strength or movement. A woman is taught mental alertness, endurance and flexibility to protect themselves from attackers. If you want to learn more of the tactics of defending yourself then, this is the right form of self-defense for you.

  1. Krav Maga

Initially, this form of martial art for self defense was developed in Israel and it became a popular tool for training women for self-defense. The main reason why this form is popular is because it aims at defending from the modern situations where attackers use knives and guns.

Women should know which type of martial art form interests them and which they want to learn. KaratePlanets offers with all types of Self-defense classes, Gurgaon for women with the best trainers. They also offer you with Karate training in Delhi NCR region.

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