Top 6 Most Emotional Moments in the History of Football

Football is one of the most popular games across the globe. At times, it can be an extremely moving game. There had been many historic moments associated with football. Most of these were touching and resulted in an outpour of emotions among fans all over the world. The game is also associated with virtuous sportsmanship, uprightness, incredible actions of fair play and acknowledgments.

Here are 6 of the most emotional moments in football that ideally highlighting the best aspects of the sport we love.

1. Eusebio gets Di Stefano’s Shirt

Benfica had beaten Real Madrid in the European Cup final (1962). It was a 5-3 game for ages. Real had led 3-2 at one point. However, a deafening brace from Eusebio, the growing youngster from Portuguese turned the fate of the game. Alfredo Di Stefano presented his shirt at the final whistle to his rival. This act signifies the true passing of the torch. Thenceforward, Eusebio has continuously claimed that his most prized possession is the Argentine’s shirt. It is a representation of how moved he was by this honor.

2. Jimmy Glass Saves Carlisle United

This is the story of the rise of a hero. The stoppage time ran really fast on the season’s final day. Carlisle United had no other option left but to score at any cost to stay in the Football League. There was a tie of 1-1 between the Blues and Plymouth. Jimmy Glass, the on-loan goalkeeper rifled home. This was perhaps the most dramatic goal in the football history ever. The moment had fans rush to the field and swamp the champion and ultimately transporting him off the field on their shoulders! According to Glass and today’s football news of that time, the moment the greatest of his life!

3. The Return of Petrov to Villa Park

Stiliyan Petrov, the beloved midfielder of Aston Villa’s much-loved was diagnosed with acute leukemia. The Bulgarian could not take this well and went on an indefinite sabbatical from the Midlands club. This was also an attempt to brave it out to the distressing condition. The return of this stalwart to Villa Park was memorable. He came to watch his team deal with Chelsea. Fans welcomed him with an emotional standing ovation for 19 minutes (a tribute to his shirt number). Since then, the fans followed this tradition, attesting the fact that the health of a man is more important as compared to any rivalry.

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4. Iniesta’s Tribute to Dani Jarque

An out and out emotional moment for football lovers! Andres Iniesta scored the crucial winning goal for Spain. This was during the World Cup 2010 final against the Netherlands. The festivity that followed was one of the purest emotions. This immensely famous attacking midfielder simply lifted up his shirt and revealed a message reading that said “Dani Jarque: siempre con nosotros”— meaning “Dani Jarque: always with us. The Spanish captain Jarque had died of a cardiac arrest. This was soon after a preseason training session. This touching tribute by Iniesta to his compatriots had a huge impact on the bigger stage.

5. The Tough Nut Consoles Canizares

Bayern Munich defeated the ghosts of 1999 while claiming the Champions League trophy (2001). The players at German side were certainly ecstatic after the conclusive penalty shootout. However, the goalkeeper of Bayern, Oliver Kahn moved straight away to console a distressed Santiago Canizares. This was an emotional gesture for the defeated shot-stopper. The player had always maintained a reputation of an uncompromising, tough nut all through his career. This rare moment of compassion did earn him a fairness award.

6. Fabrice Muamba’s Rise from the Dead

It was heartbreaking for football fans to see Fabrice Muamba of Bolton collapse during an FA Cup match in 2012 with Tottenham. It is certainly a miracle that he is alive today! The famous midfielder suffered a cardiac arrest at the initial stage of the game. Muamba’s heart stopped for around 78 shocking minutes. Fortunately, he was revived. The skilled and alert medical staff of White Hart Lane saved his life. The cardiac consultant at surveillance in the stands rushed immediately for help. Muamba was given instant and requisite attention without delay. Later on, it was revealed that Muamba would be recovered. The news sent a wave of happiness and relief across the footballing community. The feeling was palpable.