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What is 9apps?

9apps is an online app store similar to the Google Play store that lets users download applications and more. It has a lot of features and lets users download all kinds of apps, even the ones not found in the Google Play store. The APK downloaded from the app store are safe and users can download and install any app with just a click. It has over 250 million users and is growing due to its quality. This third-party app store is a very good replacement for the Android Play store as it has all kinds of apps and games that are not available in the play store and is well categorized. 9apps.install is very useful for users and makes their job with using their phones easier.

Why 9apps is better than Play store?

9apps.install is considered a better alternative to using the default app store of Android as it contains more than just apps. The application contains apps, music, wallpapers, movies and more. It occupies only 3.4 MB in the system memory and gives the user access to millions of apps that can be installed anytime. With the inclusion of apps that are prohibited from the app store, 9apps has a lot of users from the middle east countries of Asia. It is supported in devices of Android version 4.0 and above. The app is also free to use and does not share the data of the users elsewhere. It has timely updates for improvement of the app performance and enhancements to the user interface.

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Is it safe to use 9 apps to download APK?

The application is completely safe to use and does not affect the user’s data or information in any way. 9apps.install by downloading the APK from any trusted website does not affect the device. But as it is available in various third party websites which can contain virus or malware embedded in the APK file, it is advisable to choose a good third party site or download it from the 9apps official website for hassle-free install.

What are the features of 9apps?

9apps.install lets the users download apps and more from a huge list of apps, some of which are not available even the Play store. Almost all apps and content are free to download. The app uses only a small space and provides the user with a load of features. It is very well categorized so the user can find what they are looking for with ease. It can also be used in laptops and PCs using an Android emulator. The app downloads the required applications fast and also has a pause function to the download.

Is 9apps free to download and use? 9apps.install is free and the users need not pay any money to use the app. The steps to download and use the application are provided in the official page and in case of any queries, the user can post it on the site with their contact information and a professional will help them sort out the issue.

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