Difference between Android application development & iPhone application development

At a first glance the iphone and android application development seems similar, both require a great technical knowledge, design, programming language, app store optimization and other. But still there is a great difference between both iphone app development and android app development. You need to know and understand the technological differences and user base of both the app development before deciding to build the application for your business, it may affect the cost, marketing scenario, app store optimization and overall ROI of your business. Each difference make a huge impact on the development cost and overall marketing, store optimization and ROI of the application.

 Following this, after gaining the knowledge of which app to build there should be a clear knowledge of which mobile app or leading iphone application development company to select. Starting afresh, lets first analyze the difference between the iOS or android application development to gain more clear understanding of the mobile app to be build for your business need.

  1. Programming language:The biggest difference between android application development and iphone application development is the programming language. Android app is developed on the base of Java and iOS app run on Objective-C/Swift.
  2. Sales relevance:Android application has been leading the smart devices market devices from last many years. Even due to these trend iphone app has not lagged behind, all thanks to the development of cross platform application development.
  3. Testing:It is a important step in any mobile application development, comparing the testing phase Android app uses emulator and iOS app uses simulator to test the development outcome. On the comparison scale simulator may be fast but android emulator are the more effective virtual machine, which makes it more realistic.
  4. Graphical interface: On graphical part iphone application development company has counterpart its android buildup company. iOS app designing is more into user interface with flexible and powerful animation.
  5. “Back” functionality: This “return” button is one of the important prospect of android/iOS app development. This interaction help the user to go back on the previous screen, used in most of the application functionality. In the absence of it the iphone application developer need to find another way to complete it.
  6. Store optimization: The forecast of both apps looks interesting. In last 5 years there are approximately 2.7 million apps in google play store and 2.2 million apps on apple play store. The main difference is all the iphone app are examined by the apple and they should follow Apple requirement and guidelines. In contrary android app doesn’t have such high standard verification process causing absurd content in it and causing negative impact.
  7. ROI:Apple iOS app give more return on investment as compared to android app. Android app are free of cost and gain return via adds but iOS app charge users for downloading apps and other embedded paid services.
  8. Developer’s income: iphone development company has a top notch of developers that charge more than android developers. This explains the relevance of iOS app and the solvency of its users. However even android app developers are not far behind these companies get revenue from the product relevancy and number of android platform users.
  9. New updates: Android and iphone development company both has progressed a lot, all thanks to wide smartphone users. The need of the hour is the updation of new technology in these applications. Android Nougat bring the reality of Google Daydream VR and iOS 11 will bring the augmented reality apps. These in-build functionality has further enhanced user perspective to these platforms.
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Overview: There are numerous difference between android/iOS app that affect its ROI, user base, publicity and relevancy. Above are some of the few big difference that bring the change in customer prospect to publicize its business. Both the team of developers do their best to keep up with the present time frame. But, seeing the increase in competition, there come a cross-platform that develop hybrid application suitable for both Google and iOS app store. These cross-platform apps gives us ability to create application that function on both platform with minor configuration change. But the development of these cross platform hybrid apps is still in initial stage and require a lot of testing. So, select according to your business need and user base to be covered for attaining good ROI.