What Is the Difference Between a Vinyl Cutter & a Vinyl Plotter?

Printing jobs are in great demand in the commercial world. The new printing technologies are emerging and have gained ground in the past few decades. Printing technologies have offered great marketing solutions for business enterprises. In Canada, especially in Edmonton, printing is a flourishing business, and this place is known for one stop printing shops. From online to demand to print, everything is possible here. The printing services use different technologies to perform a diversity of printing tasks. The use of technology is based on the type of task or project.

Vinyl Cutter

Vinyl cutter and vinyl plotter are two technology-based tools, among several other tools, used in printing industry. These tools are used for quality printing and by making the best use of the advent of innovative technologies. Vinyl is an acrylic material, but the vinyl cutter is a type of computer-controlled instrument. In this tool, the movement of a sharp blade is controlled by the computer. A thin self-adhesive vinyl plastic sheet is used for printing from which the desired shapes and letters are cut out using the blade. There are many different types of vinyl cutters.

Vinyl Plotter

Vinyl plotter, a sign making a piece of computer gear, is actually a vinyl cutter plotter. A vinyl letter machine varies in sizes depending upon its use because it is used for a large number of printing applications. Vinyl plotter is more affordable and precise for hand-cut, hand-painted, and stenciled jobs. Vinyl plotter is more versatile in use and can best perform a variety of printing tasks.

Vinyl cutter vs. plotter

Vinyl cutters and vinyl plotters are vastly used in the printing industry for the jobs that require detailed cut instead of simply printed color collections. This is possible when these vinyl tools are used, whether to make a banner or to print a billboard, although there are several differences between these two tools.

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Differences in cutters and plotters

According to Kelly Stewart, the manager at Printing red deer, these are the main differences in vinyl cutters and vinyl plotters from different perspectives.

  • Both are computer hardware and are used to cut letters and shapes from the vinyl sheet. However, the difference is that vinyl cutter is used as a knife and vinyl plotter is used as a pen, as is indicated by their names. One cuts the pattern while the other prints the design. Their use depends on the purpose of printing for which cutting or printing is appropriate.
  • One thing is important in cutting because printing is sometimes needed before cutting or cutting and in that case, the plotter is also used with the cutter. However, the original pattern can be maintained.
  • Vinyl cutter is sometimes used by designers to get histrionic and colorful designs by draping many vinyl sheets one above another. This feature is often used for more depth compared to a printed image which is done on a single vinyl sheet. This improves the quality of print with a better outcome.
  • It wouldn’t be appropriate to say that differences in vinyl cutting and vinyl plotting makes cutters and plotters best one over another. The important thing is that they are used for different purposes. Sometimes, plotting is a cheap option when needed on a single vinyl sheet but is time-consuming when a number of sheets are needed. The radiant or mono-color printing jobs often use vinyl cutter which is the best option.

I hope the above-mentioned differences between the vinyl cutter and vinyl potter have cleared all your doubts related to both of them. Still have queries? We are here to help you out.

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