Google Chrome is a widely used browser and till date it has millions of users across the world. With the considerable increase in the users, problems associated with the usage of chrome have also intensified.

Every man-made creation is not 100% accurate; it always comes with some technical issues or errors which can be described as the pitfalls of that particular product or innovation. One should not get worried if face issues while using the product, just identify the solutions provided by the manufacturer or take help of Chrome tech support.


If you are a Chromie then you must have faced issues while using Chrome. Such issues could be like:

  • Unresponsiveness of the browser:

Outdated software can lead to unresponsiveness of the browser. It also causes frequent crashes, freeze, or display blank page, and sometime remains still for minutes.

  • Too many open windows:

To work efficiently, some people open as many windows which is again a possible cause as why people face frequent crashes.

  • Problem in loading websites:

This problem is faced by many users while opening the different websites. The sluggish behavior of the websites becomes headache for the user.

  • Lag while typing:

Sometimes the browser is too slow that it also slowdown the typing speed or shows changes after a big pause.

To fix all types of issues while using Chrome, one must follow below troubleshooting steps:


1)  Check for the latest version of Chrome:

One must ensure that the latest version of the Chrome is downloaded on the system. This will give a better browsing experience to the user. To do this, go to Chrome menu-> about Google chrome and allow updating, if already updated then leave it as it is.

2)  Clear cache and cookies:

The biggest issue that every user faces is unresponsiveness of the browser which happens due to increased number of cache and cookies in the system. To fix this, go to chrome menu-> more tools-> clear browsing data and you’ll find number of options such as:

  • Download history
  • Browsing history
  • Cookies
  • Cache data
  • Hosted app data

Select clearing history from the beginning and if required then you can also remove clear saved passwords and auto-fill form data and many more.

3)  Keep an eye on extensions and themes:

Ensure that the frequent crashes of chrome are not due to the problem in extensions or themes. To get rid of these issues, you can temporarily disable the extensions for the better browsing experience.

To disable extensions, go to chrome menu icon-> select more tools-> extensions-> to disable, deselect enable for that particular extension.

If you wish to do this for all the extensions, then repeat the same procedure again.

4)  Plugins:

Often, broken plugins or older version of plugins also lead to the freezing up of chrome. To check such updates, follow the instructions given by the chrome for Java and Flash updates and renew them accordingly.

5)  Reinstall Chrome:

There could be a possibility that the problem will still appear. In this case, uninstall the chrome browser from your system and download it again by using internet explorer. Ensure that the uninstallation will delete all the other files saved on the system related to chrome by running a cleaner. It will remove the executable chrome files from the system.

What if the browser crashes still persists, call the chrome tech support for more and deep understanding of the problem. They are available 24*7 and could guide you to eliminate such issues.

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