The world we live in has evolved to become a massive or giant place where with the help of technology, life has become a whole lot different to what it was a few decades ago. The recent emergence witnessed in the past two decades has changed the entire way we used to live our lives. The major part of these changes has brought positivity into our lives as now we are able to complete or fulfill major or minor tasks within seconds and no longer dependent on others to fulfill these tasks. For example, we now have cell phones that help us in communicating with our loved ones from one place to another and the so-called locational barriers are no longer a hindrance.

Similarly, we as human beings are no longer in the world where data was kept safe in a single place. Our desktops were supposed to be the only place available for us to store and access the data whenever needed. However, it all changed as the threats of the online world came into existence and penetrated our data for their own gains. Hence, we saw millions of users got a taste of these prying eyes as they were a bit not careful in making their data hidden to these cyber goons.

The worst thing about data security is that you never know who would be the reason for your data loss. For example, you might be in possession of data that is confidential in nature and one day you are sitting with your colleagues thinking they’re your friends. As expected, you jump off to the kitchen to grab a snack asking your friends for a bite too but while working on your system, you forget to lock your PC’s screen thinking it’s your friends (trustable) or you are way too nice for putting a lock in front of your friends as it would give a bad impression. In this situation, you are in a state of dilemma and do not really have much of an option.

But don’t sweat as there is the solution to each and every problem. You can use a copy protection software that would help you create read-only executable exes of your files. For example, you can create a read-only executable of confidential files to make sure nobody is able to copy paste your data and steal it in a blink.
How Copy protects helps you:

DVD protection: This software lets you create copies of confidential work by bringing them to DVDs that are protected. You can drop these DVDs wherever you want without the fear of losing the ownership of your work.

Password protection: Copy Protect lets you password protect your files and folders easily. For example, you might be having a notepad file containing a secret formula, a brilliant recipe or more and even if someone sees it would mean disaster for you. Since you spend enough amount of time in getting the right dosage, you deserve to keep its ownership with you. Hence with the help of password protection, you would be able to restrict anyone from even peeking into your stuff. You can also get a credit for your work by showing it off to the respective target audience while it stays in the view/read the only feature.

So far, this software seems to be one of kind software that has no limitations. It offers multiple features such as password protection, DVD security, copy protection and more. Now you are no longer supposed to sit in the fear of losing your data behind your back as Copy Protection is well active while you fulfill other daily errands.

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