Digitize JPG File into a Word Format in an Efficient Way

Many times, you receive Image files in a variety of formats. The JPG format is suitable for the files specially produced by the photographic images but however, Microsoft Word is a good platform for this. Now it is possible by the technology OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

JPG to Word Converter Download

OCR is capable to find the text in the printed and handwritten image files and recognize the characters. It compares the stored characters and convert it into machine coded text. If you do the file conversion task on the daily basis. Then you must have the software that makes your work easier. Now, the thing comes in the mind, how can you select the efficient software? Well, there is a company Soft Solutions that designed a software JPG to Word Converter which has so many advanced features that you will always get the professional outcome.

Before Knowing the features, Let’s get to know the steps for using the JPG to word Converter:

  1. For a start, you need to download it and then install it.
  2. Now, it will lead to you the software interface where you can explore its features.
  3. It is time to choose that file which you need to convert. You can either take a file from the computer or can take the scanned file.
  4. Select the preferred output format for the file conversion. You get the multiple text formats such as Word format, PDF, HTML, and text files.
  5. Choose the option “Save” and open your digitized file.


This software can identify the stored characters of the text with great accuracy. The quality of the converted file is fascinating to view. You have to remember one thing that the quality of your image file should be good then you will get the highest quality converted file.

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JPG to Word Converter also supports the several file formats such as JPG, PDF, TIF, JPEG, BMP and GIF. You can digitize your image file in any format respectively.

This software can recognize the characters in more than 40 foreign languages. This feature provides you the opportunity being connected the clients all over the world. You can simply convert the image file in any language. Now, the linguistic barrier is no longer a problem.

You get the feature of top-level security by maintaining the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability) service. Your file cannot be edited or copied from the unauthorized source as you will get watermark and password protection for the security of your document.

This software remains your graphics, texts, tables and layout of your files in the original form. The complex layout of files with multiple tables, faxes, legal documents and photos captured with cellular phones and digital cameras are properly recognized and converted into different editable formats.

In Summary

JPG to word Converter helps to alleviate the work load as it does the job of converting the multiple files in a few minutes which used to take the hours. All the features of this Converter are amazing because you will not get them at one platform only.

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