Disaster Recovery (DR) in the Cloud: Ensuring Business Continuity

Undoubtedly companies today are increasingly shifting their infrastructure to the cloud to deliver better services to their clients. The technology act as a cost effective way of maintaining high business availability while ensuring fast disaster recovery for business sustainability.

Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery

The conventional disaster recovery methods to maintain continuous business operations were quite cumbersome. They required purchasing and maintaining multiple hardware and software, matching an organization’s critical business systems, such as sufficient storage space for housing its important business data and applications. Furthermore, cloud-enabled data centers are considered as a more effective way of maintaining high business availability while delivering better reliability for a wide range of user applications.

Let’s take a quick glance at various factors that have led to the popularity of cloud-based disaster recovery services Cloud model is often recognized as an affordable way for delivering high-quality reliable IT services. The model presents an economical disaster recovery solution for small-mid size enterprises and a cost effective solution for large business ventures. Since many companies today lack an intact disaster recovery plan, they need to spend millions of dollars for frequently maintaining duplicate set of equipment to ensure business continuity.

According to the industry experts, a cloud enabled disaster recovery solution is considered as a best fit for companies with lower downtime tolerance and probabilities of information loss. As most of the big size companies and SMBs are transaction driven with data intensive as well as time sensitive operations, it is imperative for them to have a comprehensive DR plan in place.

An important factor for selecting a cloud computing service vendor is making sure that the service provider has the flexibility to offer on-demand resources. Other features include:

  • File Restoration
  • With continuously multiplying big data, it is important for companies to recover their sensitive files in case of any disruption. This needs restoration of the complete server as and when needed.

  • Offsite Back-ups
  • As service disruptions frequently affect the entire data center facility, it is vital for vendors to protect data with remote control over the offsite location. A cloud based DR plan ensures multiple power grids along with high availability architectures to keep your critical information safe all the time.

  • Data Encryption
  • Most of the companies encrypt their sensitive data and files in the cloud to avoid exposure of its sensitive information. This, in turn, ensures a complete protection against disruptive events like natural calamities, fire, cyber attacks, etc.

    To conclude, cloud computing DR solution offers a simple, elegant, and economical solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It removes the need for purchasing and maintaining the duplicate hardware & software to avoid huge capital expenditures while ensuring protection of sensitive data and applications in case of any disasters to ensure business sustainability.