defrag hard drive

Are you planning to install a best PC cleaner in your system? In that case, try disk defragmenter. This tool is easy and convenient to use.

In this internet era, usage of computers has amplified in leaps and bounds. Resultantly, with every passing day, systems encounter numerous security threats from viruses, spyware and malware. Such issues infect the computer by delving deeply into the roots of the CPU’s core. Ultimately it becomes difficult for a layman to identify or rectify the issue. Here comes the need for a PC clean-up tool. Such a utility identifies viruses & spywares as well as helps to get rid of them by defragmentation the computer’s registry.

defrag hard drive

Let us understand the process of data defragmentation and functions of a disk defrag tool now.

What is Fragmentation?

To have a better understanding of disk defragmentation, one should first understand the existence of fragmentation. It is a process when files are divided into pieces and fragmented around the disk. It is a natural process that happens when you try to save a file, modify or delete. To save the fragmented data, disk defragmentation takes place.

What is Disk Defragmentation?

It is a process that reorganizes your fragmented data and enhances the efficiency of disks and drives. Usually, when you save a file is often restored at a different place and different from the actual volume. Over a time period, the file and the volume becomes fragmented which results in the slowdown of the computer system.

Disk defragmenter is a process that rearranges your data in a proper way and at one place so that the computer can run it efficiently and with less opening time. The schedule of the defragmenter is fixed and you don’t have to run it every time, moreover, it is manual and you can change the schedule as per your convenience.

So how can you manually defragment disk space in your system?
Keep reading to understand the methodology.

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Steps to defragment hard disk:

  • Click start button and search for disk defragmenter. It is generally a pc cleaner tool.
  • Then select for the disk you want to defragment
  • Determine if the disk needs to be fragmented or not, click analyze disk. Once the analyzing is finished, check the percentage of the fragmentation on the disk in the last run column and if you found the percentage above 10% , then you should defragment the disk
  • The final step calls for defragment disk

Now that you are clear about this process, you can start looking for a free PC cleaner. You can identify the after-effects of this tool by researching about it and reading through its reviews. Ensure that the utility is safe to use & lucratively priced. Also ensure that the developer has a decent reputation in the market.

Another thing to be kept in mind while buying a PC cleaning utility is the user’s need. All the computer cleaning tools don’t offer identical sets of services. So invest in it cautiously and make sure that it comes with the features you want so that you can save upon money.

One of the biggest myths about the registry defrag utilities is that they run once in a week. This is not a hard-core truth. To avoid all sorts of problems of the computer, you must have an anti-virus and spyware program installed on your computer.

Hence, when you talk about a best and free PC cleaner software, a reliable disk defragmenter seems like the easiest and most suitable choice. Running it is an easy task and the complete process will take several minutes to a few hours to finish depending upon the size of memory in your hard disk drive and its fragmentation ratio. Therefore, by running it, you can easily enhance the functionality of your computer system.

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