Features of Whatsapp’s End to End Encryption

images1Whatsapp is a known name in the world of messenger service. People are so attached to the service that you can find nearly everybody with a Smartphone with their noses attached to their whatsapp screen.  Because of which a person tends to share all its small and big details on the service.

But people were always afraid of their privacy being compromised and it has also happened so in the past. For the purpose of safeguarding the privacy of its users, whatsapp has come up with end to end encryption in all the latest updates of the app. let us look at how the new feature of the app works and how is it beneficial to its users:

  1. Flawless security: the end to end encryption provides a flawless security to the persons using the app. It comes into existence when you and the person with whom you are chatting use the app which is updated with this feature. Usually different messaging apps have the support of encrypting messages between them and the user. But whatsapp has the convenience of of encrypting all your messages so as that not even whatsapp is able to read your conversation if they desire. The reason being that the messages that you send and receive in the service are protected with a lock where only you and the receiver or sender of the message is enabled to unlock and read them. What’s more is that every message is sent and received is given its unique protection in the form of lock and key. This lock and key code are foolproof against whatsapp hacken.
  1. Right to speech: Every person is entitled to the right to speech which he should be able to utilize freely. The end to end encryption takes care of this right of its users. When a person is chatting with someone he has an assurance that whatever details are shared via the whatsapp messenger service is safe within it and will not be able to be accessed by some nosy third party or even by whatsapp itself. Not only the chats but the voice calling feature of the app is also secured and protected by the end to end encryption feature.
  1. Whats yours stays yours: once the whatsapp servers deliver the messages sent or received by you thsy do not store it with them. Hence the messages are immediately lost by the server once their job is done.
  1. Satisfaction guaranteed: The developers of whatsapp do not just preach that they have a super power named end to end encryption. They even provide the means to see it for yourself and be satisfied that your sent and received messages and calls are safe. This is simply possible by looking for the indicator group or contact info.
  1. Detailed summary: Open Whisper Systems has developed an in depth technical explanatory report in collaboration with whatsapp which can give you all the information about this incredible feature of whatsapp
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