Go4hosting VPS Servers Vs Everdata VPS Servers vs Ctrls VPS Servers

Go4hosting VPS Servers Vs Everdata VPS Servers vs Ctrls VPS Servers

Virtual Private Server is build by compartmentalization of a powerful physical server into multiple virtual servers. Every virtual server acts as an independent entity with ability to operate as a dedicated server. Popularity of Virtual Private Server can be attributed to its dedicated features at highly affordable prices. Prices of VPS server plans offered by some of the providers are almost at par with shared hosting plans.

With a VPS server hosting solution, one can enjoy remarkable access to server controls and all other associated applications. VPS server hosting is a perfect solution for websites with high traffic or web applications that demand resources including RAM, and disk space in excess.

Go4hosting, EVERDATA, and CtrlS are major providers of VPS servers in India.

Go4hosting VPS servers

Since its inception in 2000, Go4hosting has been establishing newer benchmarks of highly successful VPS hosting assignments by providing top of the line VPS servers that cater to hosting needs of clients from disparate global locations. Their VPS server hosting plans including Linux VPS and Windows VPS hosting solutions are aimed at fulfilling existing as well as future needs of businesses.

Go4hosting has achieved remarkable expertise of serving hosting needs of clients from different industry verticals such as education, IT, manufacturing, banking, supply chain management, and aviation, to name just a few. Armed with an in-depth understanding of unique requirements of small, medium and large enterprises Go4hosting is a highly sought after VPS server provider with thoroughly customized hosting plans.

In addition to offering an SLA backed uptime of 99.99 percent, Go4hosting provides intuitive control panels such as Plesk or cPanel. Customers can anticipate professional support for all versions of Windows or Linux VPS servers in addition to round the clock technical support for Linux and Windows VPS servers. Feature rich VPS servers by Go4hosting offer an impressive range of OS and hardware to choose from.

Go4hosting is known for its enterprise class VPS servers that are configured with the most recent Intel Xeon E5 processors backed by high end storage technology and scalable RAM for guaranteed website performance even during traffic spikes.

Go4hosting takes every precaution to guarantee impregnable security of its data center facilities, so that customers can continue to focus on growth of their business without unnecessary concerns about data safety.


Backed by a decade of experience providing VPS server hosting solutions for running highly demanding websites and applications, EVERDATA has established itself as a reliable hosting provider in India. EVERDATA has earned a sound reputation of providing private and public cloud hosting, managed hosting, and a range of servers including dedicated and VPS servers among others.

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EVERDATA is also providing disaster recovery services, encryption services, in addition to email solutions to a wide spectrum of organizations. Their hosting services are aimed at covering local audiences. Developers and customers can also leverage their customization facilities along with auto scaling features for cloud customers.

EVERDATA VPS servers start from 512 MB RAM and 100 GB bandwidth with a single dedicated IP and 20 GB HDD. They claim to offer 99.98 percent uptime guarantee to support all VPS server plans. VPS servers by EVERDATA are backed by basic services including troubleshooting, and regular updates among others.

CtrlS VPS Servers

Having established a reputation as one of the leading hosting provider in India, CtrlS is capable of providing VPS server configurations for variety of needs of enterprises. CtrlS VPS Servers cater to organizations of all types and sizes. Their Linux VPS server plans start from single core and up to 4GB scalable RAM. CtrlS also offer Managed VPS plan with managed database services. Users can avail Hoster’s VPS as custom VPS server that includes Plesk or cPanel as choice of control panels.

CtrlS claim that their VPS servers can be scaled up to two hard disks and 8GB memory. They are offering server setup for free along with pre-configured specification. Customers can choose from a wide array of add-on features including SSL certificates and hosting control panels.

With a promise of above average performance of VPS servers, CtrlS also assures dedicated customer service for speedy resolution of technical glitches. CtrlS platform for virtualization provides an access to a web link for rebooting, repairing, and starting VPS servers.

VPS servers offered by CtrlS are not precisely what are anticipated by small enterprises. Most of the resources offered may not be able to fulfill needs of small and medium enterprises. Go4hosting has a definite edge in this aspect and it offers more economical VPS servers to small enterprises that are about to establish their web footprint.


In an apple to apple evaluation of Go4hosting VPS servers against EVERDATA and CtrlS in terms of vital performance metrics such as uptime, reliability, server speed, technical support, customer service, security, and ability to run mission critical tasks we can safely conclude that Go4hosting offers a definite edge over CtrlS and EVERDATA VPS servers.

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