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change IMEI number

If you are amongst those iPhone users who is looking for reliable service which can help you IMEI Changer in iOS 8.3 then perhaps our IMEI Changer tool can help you. The main reason that I am recommending this tool is because it is available for free and can be used to IMEI Changer iPhone devices which has the iOS 8 – iOS 8.3 installed. It is really amazing.

If perhaps you have purchased your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from second hand retailer or from internet sites such as eBay and you were not provided with the proper iCloud login credentials then perhaps our Changer tool can help you solve this issue. With our IMEI Changer tool you can easily change imei code your iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch devices.

The Process of IMEI Changer Tool

If you are confused on how this tool can tool iOS 8.3 then I will explain it to you.

Apple has very strong system protection which is installed in the device and it automatically locks it up when it feels that something is not right.

Once locked you cannot use the device without providing proof i.e. the login credentials that you are the rightful owner. In this kind of situations it is necessary to tool the iOS IMEI Changer Tool in order to be able to use the device again.

The IMEI Changer tool has user friendly interface and it is very simple for use. Once you download it, unzip the files and install the tool on your computer. Make sure that your iPhone and PC are connected and run the tool as administrator. Then select the model of your iPhone and provide the IMIE code. After that the tool will do the job almost automatically. Once it finished with the IMEI lock removal you will be asked to create a new account. After your new account is created just go to iTunes and do Update and Restore in order to Activate it. Once Activated your device will be set and you can start using it without having any more problems with the IMEI lock feature.

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If your iPhone is IMEI Changer locked then our tool method is what you need.

How to IMEI Changer:

  1. Click on the download link bellow
  2. Save the tool on your computer
  3. Connect t your iPhone and computer
  4. Run the installation wizard
  5. Select your iPhone model from the list
  6. Click proceed and wait for the IMEI Changer to finish
  7. Go to iTunes and do Update and then Restore

After this your device will be IMEI Changer and it will be ready for use!!!