Among the important things that used to drive me insane was that each time I got a new computer system, my MP3 collection would need to start over from scratch. Not did those MP3s cost real cash, however they took forever to discover and download. This was a major issue up until I got myself an online storage account.

The primary reason to get an online storage account for MP3s is to secure your financial investment. If you pay for every tune that you download, online storage is an easy sell. I can basically ensure you that a low-cost storage account will save you cash over the long term simply by assisting you keep your songs longer.

But even if you don’t pay for your music, online storage still offers the advantage of keeping your files safe in one place. The greatest benefit here is that you do not need to hound all those songs again if your disk drive goes bad or you get a new computer system. Re-downloading music may not sound like a big deal, however when you have a collection of 20,000 MP3s, your view on these things changes drastically.

Best Storage Options for MP3s

Music collections take up a great deal of area, so I do not know of any complimentary backup companies that can do the job. Sites such as Dropbox, SpiderOak and Mozy use a number of gigs of free space, however that isn’t really enough for even a modest MP3 collection. You’re going to have to spend for online MP3 storage.

The bright side is that there are a number of solutions that are nice and cheap. One business that I truly like is Backblaze. That company offers unrestricted online storage for a flat $5.00 each month. It’s cheap, unlimited and extremely safe. Backblaze is easily my top choice and if you do a little research online, you’ll see that I’m not the only person who feels in this manner.

Carbonite is another backup business worth considering. They provide unrestricted storage for simply $59 a year. After you pay your $59 cost, you can keep as numerous MP3s online as you want.

The thing to bear in mind with endless storage is that it doesn’t help you maximize extra space on your computer. Unrestricted backup only mirrors exactly what you have actually stored on the computer system that you’re backing up.

Storage service providers keep it this way to keep storage accounts reasonable. Otherwise, consumers would be able to download countless GBs of information and shop it online and the business model just wouldn’t work. That isn’t really an issue for me, however, it’s something to keep in mind.

There are lots of other online storage service providers to choose from, but Backblaze and Carbonite are my favorites. They are both dependable, safe and secure and cheap. I understand “totally free” would be even much better, however, I don’t know of any trustworthy backup companies that offer enough free space for a free music mp3 collection. Your best bet is to simply pay the $60 or two for a year of storage and advise yourself that this is more affordable than paying for all those tunes once again.

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