Partial SEO Knowledge can be dangerous

SEO is Search engine optimization which refers to a method of tactics, techniques and strategies that help in increasing the visitors on a website through the search results page.It is popularly used for search engines like Goggle, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

One should have knowledge about how SEO services work and are to be used. An SEO company India should be aware of all the problems and myths related and should consider the following thing.

Get rid of the following SEO Services Myths 

  • A new web page does not essentially has to be registered at Google

Google constantly keeps on crawling the web and indexes with thousands of new URLs automatically at every minute. Although there is no Google Search Console in the option in order to tell Google new URLs, this is not even necessary as long as the website is accessible to the public.

  • The call for more links instead of more content is old-fashioned

A good content nowadays is the foundation for SEO services India success, rather than the links. Without doubt, links are still valuable and an important ranking factor. However, good content provides you with a  number of advantages.High-quality content is a unique and sole link-building method.

  • Having a secure site is a good ranking

This means that HTTPS websites have an advantage over the standard HTTP pages. Although the measured effect has been very poor so far. The idea that unsafe web standards has no impact on SEO is a very out-dated myth.

  • SEO’s only concern is to be ranked as high as possible in the search results
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This is the big part of SEO services  and is also half of the truth as there is no use of a top keyword, if its click-through rate isn’t right.

  • Quantity has nothing to do with quality

Yes, this thought is applicable to SEO too. When it comes to the number of available pages of a website, if a website has more sub-pages that  does not necessarily mean that it attracts more visitors through search engines.

  • Google can’t identify an image the same way as text

So it is much more important that you give Google as much information you know about the image. The text next to, above, and below the image can also be used for indexing. Responding to the picture tells Google that it is more than a decorative accessory.

  • SEO can’t be considered the only form of the technical

A good SEO company India requires expertise in all three fields. The reflex that pushes SEO to the IT department leads therefore to nowhere.