There are several methods to track the status of your foreign passport after the interview at the US Embassy. Now more information about each of them.

Ways to inspect the passport application status

Approach 1:

To identify the status of the foreign passport readiness on the first day after the interview, use the service provided on the site of the United States Embassy.

The topic of the letter should define the variety of your foreign passport (with no areas or other characters). The exact same number should be defined in the text of the letter, but this is optional. You will receive an automated reaction in the inverted e-mail suggesting the status of your foreign passport. The response will remain in English. If you do not speak English, usage Google-translator.

Approach 2: Tracking the passport with a United States visa through agencies

After a couple of days, the passport is usually sent to the service. It is possible to examine the passport application status and its place in the area “Tracking” at the website of the company. In order to do this, you need to enter your ID-code into a different input field that has actually been assigned to your files after setting up the interview. It is on the invite page for an interview, under the 2nd bar – code.

Please pay the attention that the answer on this site is given up Russian.

As the remoteness the location where you will receive your passport from the interview location, the harder is its way, and it will take more time for its delivery.

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If you pick home or office shipment than you will be called prior to the shipment, but it is not guaranteed. That’s why it is much better to call and define the delivery time by yourself.

It takes place that your inquiries to the Embassy concerning the status of positioning of an US visa remains without answers for a couple of days. Likewise, there are scenarios that you do n`t comprehend where your passport from the answers. You should get in touch with the hotline of the United States Embassy.

What do you have to get the passport at the service office to which you applied?

To get a foreign passport with an US visa from the service office, you should show your passport. We likewise suggest taking with you the invite to the interview, although this is not required.

If there is such circumstance that your foreign PassPort Status to be taken by other individual from the office, he has to have the following about one:

– own Russian passport;

– a copy of your Russian passport;

– a power of attorney prepared in a complimentary form, which need to define your data (name and passport number), along with data about your representative (name and passport number). The power of attorney is not required to be notarized. Your signature will suffice!

Checking an US visa after the getting

After the receiving of the foreign passport it is needed to inspect the stamped visa in your passport for errors.