The state of Rajasthan is making regular news on the technology front. A late entrant in the development phase, it’s always said better late than never. The largely orthodox state is now opening its doors to options that are fresh and if implemented well, will ensure a speedy growth. The IT industry in the state is taking its shape and is in the adolescent stage.

Fueling the human resource needs of the Technology industry- is the education sector of the state. The Central Government’s policy of establishing institutions of excellence has come about in Rajasthan too. One of the premium institutions of the country, the Indian Institute of Technology has been established in Rajasthan in 2008. The institution is at a mere distance of 7.2 kms from the airport. The departments as of now are Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. This has been pumped up with more institutions catering to different streams of the technology department. The presence of other institutions such the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani (one of the best of the country), National Institute of Technology, Jodhpur have ensured a steady flow of quality human resource to the state’s sector.

The stated government is poised to bring out the best in the state. Travel, Art & Culture and the majestic history of Rajasthan are unmatchable to anything in the world. The Royal state is out on a lookout to a grand technological success and the commitments illustrate a very positive story ahead.

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