Samsung Galaxy S9 Out will be held in March

Concept design for Samsung Galaxy S9

According to insiders from South Korea, Samsung Galaxy S9 output may occur as early as March next yr., and will be represented by two designs.

For the very first time, this info appeared in the authoritative version of the Korean Netnews, which is not the 1st time shares the specifics of the coming trends. At this time, we are conversing about the Galaxy S9 future release day, and in contrast to previously rumors and leaks, it is referred to as quite clearly: March 19 following in 2018.

Netnews also noted that the layout of Samsung Galaxy S9 was concluded in September of this year, to the chagrin of some ideas of the authors. Rumor has it that this time the Koreans are going to offer something genuinely amazing, and not the typical “remnants” or copying Apple answers.

Analysts attribute this early exit Galaxy S9 with heightened competitors in between Apple and Samsung. In this Korean giant is obviously making an attempt to nearly 1 and a half months ahead of its rivals in the camp smartphone vendors based on Android, specially HTC and Sony, which historically present their leading news in the early spring.

One more exciting element, which need to please us produce Samsung Galaxy S9, was the data that we are ready for just two versions of its flagship smartphone, “high quality” and “sub-high quality”., Examples of which are located in almost do not get ample uncommon selection for the Korean huge. Is that below the optimum version is intended a variant Galaxy S9 Edge, whose positioning in the market will be modified from “concept” to “quality”.

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Nevertheless, Netnews interprets this separation in a different way. In accordance to Korean publication, the premium model will be geared up with a processor of its possess style Exynos (probably Exynos 8890) and a modem on a solitary chip (of Sock), the second option would be to have an independent answer for the processor and the modem (apparently, Qualcomm’s the Snapdragon 820). Even though judging by the info accessible benchmarks Snapdragon 820 is not behind the Exynos 8890, an amount of indicators even excellent to it.

Netnews also confirms that Samsung Galaxy S9 new Clear Force technologies, which is related to introduced in the Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus 3D Contact technologies, which allows to recognize the pressure of pressing the screen, and the new higher-speed port USB Variety-C with the possibility of connecting exterior devices this kind of as USB -fleshed by OTG.