Simplify your business communication with Email hosting solutions

With an increasing competition, more and more organizations are seeking ways to simplify business communications. And, email hosting has indeed become an effective way to considerably reduce cost and save time.

Email hosting solutions are devised for businesses that don’t have enough of capital and resources to set up and manage an in-house messaging infrastructure. They help to curb overhead expenses like regular maintenance, hardware failures, software conflicts, license renewal and dedicated support that contribute to raising huge upfront costs.

Email Hosting Solution
Email Hosting Solution

Here are the key benefits to consider while outsourcing email infrastructure to a professional hosting service provider.

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • This attribute of email hosting enables businesses to save money with fixed monthly service charge. These consist of user licensing, dedicated technical support, maintenance, data backup and latest version upgradation. Moreover, reduced hardware components and onsite administration can cut down costs to a great extent.

  • Management and Maintenance
  • Email hosting services eliminate businesses to get bogged down with management and maintenance tasks as the service provider is accountable for it. This means that regular updates and version upgradation is all taken care of by them to ensure uninterrupted email services.

  • Easy Web Access
  • Either through a fixed or mobile connection, administrator is authorized to grant real-time access to other users wherever there is internet connectivity. This level of mobility allows the end users to work efficiently even while on road, remote offices or home.

  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Once you register for an email hosting account, you get a fixed amount of storage space for each mailbox created. A more flexible and personalized solution offering will enable you to upgrade as your storage space as per your growing demand.

  • Robust Mail Security: Spam and Virus Filtering
  • With hosted email servers, you don’t have to worry about unexpected virus, malware, spyware or adware attacks. Since these servers are well-equipped with latest anti-spam and virus filtration software applications. Moreover, regular updates undertaken by the email hosting provider will safeguard users against persistently evolving online threats.

  • Instant Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • One of the compelling benefits of hosted email solutions is that businesses are facilitated with instant backup and concrete disaster recovery plans. In any event of network failure or natural catastrophe, their business critical emails will remain intact at service providers secured data center environment. It can be restored as when required.

    Hence, boost up your interaction with your customers and business associates with robust and dynamic email hosting solutions.