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Small TV
Small TV

There are a whole lot of television screens available in the market and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It has been an invention which has changed how we consume media and content. Televisions nowadays do not only have the capability to provide us with simple on-screen cable networks, but also the ability to browse the internet and give us access to our favourite streaming websites. People nowadays prefer TV screens which are as big as their wall, with several companies offering options which are 80+ inches wide.

Such staggering sizes mean that they are loaded with technical features and can burn a big hole in your pocket. For those with a relatively smaller budget or not looking for a television the size of a wall, there are many smaller options. There are many screens which are under the 40-inch mark, but none are as much in demand as the 32inch option. The convenience this option provides is remarkable, one can prop it up on a desk or on their bedroom wall for a personal viewing experience. They are not just simple TVs and come with some loaded features such as 4K HD ready to full HD to smart TVs. Before buying one needs to consider various parameters and things like budget, features and warranty. Some of the best 32-inch led TV in India is:

  • Samsung-32K5570 32 inch Full HD LED Smart TV: This sleek device is a great television which comes in a very wholesome package. It is also a smart TV as suggested by its name and has a quad-core processor and run Tizen OS. These make the Samsung a rather great device which one should have. Despite its low audio output of 20W, its screen is still one of the best at the price point, offering HD capabilities and a 100Hz refresh rate for a rich and blur-free imagery. It also comes at a reasonable price and with a design like that, it is sure to make the room look better.
  • Sony-KLV-32W672E 32 inch Full HD Smart TV: The premium offering from the Japanese manufacturer Sony, this TV is one of the best on offer at this size. It comes with a Full HD screen backed by Sony’s proprietary X-Reality Pro Engine, this screen makes watching movies and videos a pleasurable experience. It is by far the best display one can find at this screen size. It scores equally well in the audio department as well and comes with a 30W output with a built-in subwoofer for deep and powerful bass. You can also get native language and screen mirroring to view content off of smartphones and other devices. With a great sleek design, it is sure to bring out some flair in the room it sits. The Sony provides the best of both worlds with probably the best audio-visual experience at this size. With such a combination of such killer features; it is hard to resist snagging this great television screen.
  • Mi LED Smart TV 4A 80cm (32): probably the cheapest option available, this television screen from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is a brilliant option. It features a 720p HD screen, with a pixel size of 1366×768 and comes with support for smart features out of the box. The smart TV runs a Xiaomi exclusive PatchWall UI and is powered by a quad-core 64-bit processor which comes with a gigabyte of RAM bundled. It also comes with a dual speaker set up of 10W each, providing a surround sound experience. At this price point, one can hardly find good television screens, let alone such a TV packed with such features.
  • Panasonic 80cm (32 inch) Full HD LED TV (TH-32D430DX): The only TV which is not a smart TV on this list, the Panasonic, however, provides by far one of the best viewing experiences on offer. With a 1920x1080p full HD screen and packing a 100Hz refresh rate, watching content on this screen is nothing but smooth and buttery. It is also capable of producing 16.7 million colours, enhancing the vividness and richness in picture quality, the Panasonic is absolutely worth the money. It comes with multiple port support and a year of warranty backed by the company. Its audio output might not be up to par with only a single 14W speaker, but at this price and quality, what more can one ask.
  • Samsung 32K5100 Full HD LED TV: One of the best-looking screens out there, the Korean giants outdoes themselves in offering such a great television at this size and price point. It comes with a full HD resolution and uses a Samsung exclusive, Colour Enhancer technology to produce crystal clear imaging. A segment first, it comes equipped with a Digital Clean View technology which helps adjust the picture quality as per the signal input. It is flanked by two speakers, each with an output of 10W to deliver a great sound experience. Samsung provides a one year warranty along with a set of accessories in the box, which also includes adjustable legs.
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These television screens come with a lot of features and are somewhat rare for so many extras to be packed into such a size. For a 32-inch led TV to come equipped with, 1080p screens, smart TV capabilities and even great audio is quite fantastic. It offers buyers more choices at this price point. Most of the screens purchased at this size are mostly meant for personal viewing pleasure. It looks sleek and aesthetic without the unnecessary size factor of a widescreen television. Great lists on tech websites provide buyers with a detailed breakdown and analysis of each screen. It also comes along with a definitive ranking and also takes into consideration the pros and cons of each screen. These are also regularly updated with new ones making the list in a few months and old ones dropping out due to less stock or discontinuation. Going through one quickly can help the buyer land the right screen at the right price.


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