The Sweeping Eradication of On-Premise Solutions

businessman is dialing a phone number in office

Contact centre solutions hosted using cloud-based services have almost entirely overtaken on-premise solutions. Cloud hosted solutions have virtually no drawbacks when compared to the traditional contact centre model. They are much cheaper, and the flexibility that they offer is far superior to on-premise centres. Small and medium scale businesses require more affordable options which are not very difficult to understand when it comes to the software itself.

Five9 and inContact are two of the leading contact centre service providers. Both phone and data services are offered in the same package. While the essential aspects of both the services are not very different, the subtle variations should be properly understood before a choice is made. Both Five9 and inContact have a significant number of customers, and they register billions of calls every year. Let us look at each of the solutions independently before comparing them and analysing their differences.

Five9 was brought into the business world in 2003. It has been growing at an incredible rate ever since. With the backing of hundreds of high-profile satisfied customers, Five9 is not showing any signs of slowing down.

The relevance and power of inContact are not debated. There is no doubt that inContact is one of the most professional contact centre software tools in the market today. Founded in 1997, inContact enjoyed a comfortable head start. They quickly realized the importance of cloud-based services and implemented it before their competitors could catch up. Getting a toll-free or vanity number is quite straightforward owing to the fact that they are also a carrier service besides offering contact centre solutions.

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Now that we have gained a rudimentary understanding of both the solutions, we can dive into the deeper aspects of Five9 vs inContact.

Let us start off by making it clear that both services are highly professional and firmly established. There is rarely a lapse in their ability to meet their customer’s requirements. Having said that, there area few comparisons that can be made. Five9 and inContact both offer the most typical call centre features including interactive voice responses, automatic call distributors, diallers, blended calling, workforce management and optimization software, and CTI.

Five9 has a history of acquiring individuals or organizations that have profitably developed products before. NICE, SoCoCare, and Nuance are some of the big names that have worked with Five9 in the past. On the other hand, inContact has a team of engineers who actively develop ground-breaking software. You might want to consider this factor when you choose your service, but this should never be a major deciding factor.

When it comes to customer support, Five9 is a much better option if you are looking for an economical and straightforward solution. The client-support of inContact has a vast array of tiers that provide technical support at multiple layers.

As a concluding remark, both the companies offer very reliable services that are overflowing with useful features. Selecting one over the other is not an easy task and must be done after a careful analysis of both services. In the end, a detailed conversation with dedicated sales agents from both companies is the best way to choose a service that suits your needs.