Top 10 Dedicated Server Providers in India

To get quality dedicated hosting plans in India; you will have to choose a reputed and top-rated provider. Dedicated hosting is preferred by companies because it can offer a server exclusively for a single client enterprise. So, this hosting solution offers high-end flexibility and customizability compared to other hosting solutions. Finding the best dedicated hosting provider in India is not an easy task and you will have to compare the features and prices of multiple web hosting providers to come to a decision. Below are given the top dedicated server providers in India and you may select one depending on your business needs and budget considerations:

  • Go4hosting: Go4hosting is definitely one of the top dedicated server providers in India, and with good reasons too. It has always been an award-receiving company, which is in a position to offer cost-effective hosting plans to a huge clientele. It has ultra-modern data center facilities of the Tier III level, which are spread, across the world and this accounts for their superior uptime guarantees and reliability. They not only have fast-dedicated servers which can be deployed quickly by experts, they use only cutting-edge technologies. Their servers are usually dual core Hexa Xeon servers which are highly scalable and can accommodate changing IT demands. The servers are high-end quality hardware procured from the best in the industry like IBM, HP. Go4hosting can also guarantee a high uptime of 99.95%, and its data centers at Jaipur and Noida are latency-optimized.
  • CloudOYE: CloudOYE has also been one of the top 10 dedicated server providers in India, whether it is helping start-ups become full-fledged business units or supporting businesses fine-tune their traffic needs. The company provides high-end dedicated servers which are backed by a fault-resilient infrastructure and skilled experts. Not only does CloudOYE look into the physical safety of the machines; they also look after sensitive applications by providing these with DDoS protection, threat detection systems and network security measures. Clients can choose their preferred hardware brands and applications they wish to run on the servers. CloudOYE also offers solutions for business growth and owns expertise in a wide variety of fields like CDNs, storage, database management, private and public cloud hosting etc.
  • DialWebHosting: DialWebHosting comes under the top 10 dedicated server providers in India because of fast speeds for hosting client applications. You can enjoy the finest quality hardware from this web host. Their servers will also allow clients to host more than one domain at very high speeds. Their dedicated servers are also assigned to customers individually and this is why users are able to get high speeds for applications hosted. You can also benefit from customized security solutions when you sign up with DialWebHosting. You are free to tweak the hard drive, RAM, application versions and processor. The control panel is user-friendly and gives root level access to users.
  • InMotion: With InMotion, you can enjoy high speeds and performance so that you website can be online round the clock. InMotion also offers the modern SSDs instead of the traditional HDDs and these can perform much faster as a result. Their dedicated servers have an easy-to-use and intuitive control panel and a WHM panel. The latter monitors servers for customers while the cPanel manages email accounts, domains, and ecommerce, backups and data transfers. The servers are monitored round-the-clock and checked routinely for DDoS attacks and other vulnerabilities. When you have more customers or in case you must upgrade, it is possible to do so at any time. InMotion even offers its clients a money-back guarantee for a period of 90-days trial.
  • Arvixe: This web host supports both Windows and Linux operating systems and offer intuitive control panels. Arvixe is popular as it offers low-cost dedicated hosting and you may choose single or dual processor machines. You can full access to all resources in the servers with power to tweak the disk space or memory or security settings.
  • iPage: The iPage dedicated servers are one of a kind because they have features similar to cloud servers. These can be deployed and installed instantly and they are highly scalable. Migrations from lower to higher servers are quick. Their data centers are highly efficient and equipped with power routers and effective cooling systems. iPage is known for offering the fastest speed servers. The control panel is intuitive and has multiple features like email accounts and domain management; you can get free domains for a year. It is possible to install scripts with single clicks.
  • Bluehost: Bluehost falls in the top 10 dedicated server providers in India as it can guarantee extreme speed. Teams of experts monitor their servers and the speed is high due to open-source technologies. Bluehost offers quick server set up and users have full root access. You can rely on their 2×7 customer service supports for troubleshooting problems. Their dedicated hosting plans are comparatively far cheaper than those offered by other web hosts.
  • GoDaddy: This web host offer easy-to-use dedicated servers. It is possible to control many customers through a single cPanel. Users have total root access; they can install or update apps with single clicks. You can choose from self-managed or fully managed dedicated hosting options. You also have flexibility to run either Linux or Windows in their servers.
  • 1&1 Hosting: This provides 3 Windows and Linux-based dedicated server hosting tiers, namely entry-level, business line and performance tiers. When you manage a small traffic site, the specs offered by the entry-level dedicated servers is fine, but for the bigger businesses which need higher storage options and better processing power, the other two categories are better suited.
  • SiteGround: SiteGround is one of the top-ranking hosts in the country because you have flexibility to choose from any of its data centers spread all over the world. All these facilities are super efficient and get free access to CDN. They offer fully-managed dedicated servers so that installations, updating, monitoring and creating backups are responsibilities of the company.
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