USB interface is the growth port on the motherboard for linking numerous external gadgets. These growth user interfaces, can be printers, external Modem, scanners, flash drives, MP3 players, DC, DV, mobile disk, mobile phones, tablet and other external gadgets connected to your computer system. Moreover, by extending the interface likewise enables the affiliation in between computers.

Presently, the typical interface to a serial interface expansion (Serial Port), Parallel User interface (Parallel Port), universal serial bus interface (USB), IEEE 1394 interface.

Universal Serial Bus (Universal Serial Bus) referred to as USB, is the computer, digital, flat panel TVs and other items side glazing applications, an interface specification. USB interface is a four-pin user interface, where the middle 2 pins to move data, both sides of the two-pin power supply to peripherals.

USB is the abbreviation for Universal Serial Bus. It is not a brand-new bus standard, however used in the PC field of user interface innovation. USB is completion of 1994 by Intel, Compaq, IBM, Microsoft and other companies jointly proposed. However till recently, it was widely used. From November 11, 1994 published a USB V0.7 version later on, USB version has actually gone through years of advancement, has now been developed for the 2.0 variation, a basic extension to the current computer system interfaces. The existing board is generally used USB1.1 and USB2.0, the USB version of the compatibility in between the well. USB plug with a 4-pin plug as standard, utilizing the daisy-chain can link all the peripherals up to 127 can be linked to external gadgets, and no loss of bandwidth. USB requires the host hardware, running systems and peripherals to support three aspects of the work. The current board is typically utilized to support USB function control chipsets, motherboards are likewise geared up with USB user interface socket, and in addition to the backplane adapter, the board also set aside a USB pin, you can connect the chassis front As a USB interface for easy use (note that the electrical wiring to the motherboard handbook thoroughly read the map and press link, do not select the wrong leaving equipment damage). And the USB interface can also be connected via an unique USB cable television to attain double maker interconnection, and more can be broadened through the Center interface. With a transmission speed USB (USB1.1 is 12Mbps, USB2.0 is 480Mbps), easy to use, hot-swappable, link versatile, independent power supply, etc., can link a mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, video camera, flash drives, MP3 players, smart phones, digital electronic cameras, mobile hard disk, external optical floppy, USB, LAN, ADSL Modem, Cable Modem, etc., almost all external gadgets.

USB has 2 standards, specifically, USB1.1 and USB2.0.

USB1.1 is the more common USB spec, the high-speed mode of transmission rate of 12Mbps, low speed mode of transmission rate of 1.5 Mbps. Note: where b is the Bit mean, 1MB/ s (megabytes/ sec) = 8MBPS (megabits/ 2nd), 12Mbps = 1.5 MB/ s. Currently, the primary home for the low-end scanner USB user interface type.

COMPAQ, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Lucent, Microsoft, NEC and PHILIPS these seven business collectively established a standard USB 2.0 interface. USB2.0 specification is developed by the USB1.1 specification. Its transfer rate reached 480Mbps, converted into MB for 60MB/ s, adequate to satisfy the majority of the peripheral speed requirements. It increases the optimum advantage for users is that implies that users can use external gadgets to the more effective, but also has multi-speed peripherals can be linked to a USB 2.0 line, unlike the USB 1.1 period, because of the high bandwidth makes more devices without worrying about data transmission traffic jam impact happens. USB 2.0 can utilize the very same specs as the initial meaning of the USB cable television, adapter specifications are also similar, as in the facility of high-speed USB 1.1 to preserve the excellent attributes, however likewise to make sure backwards compatibility.

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USB 2.0 in the “Enhanced Host Controller User interface” (EHCI) and USB 1.1 specifies a compatible structure. It can be utilized for USB 2.0 Drive USB 1.1 device driver. Simply puts, all assistance USB 1.1 gadgets can be straight utilized on USB 2.0 interface without having to worry about compatibility issues, and like the USB cable, plug, and so on accessories can also be utilized directly.

However the mainstream scanner interface innovation still remain in the USB1.1, its 12Mbps move rate can not fulfill individuals’s needs. Hence, some users will turn their focus on transmission speed, greater efficiency, assistance for USB 2.0/ IEEE1394 interface scanner. Although at present very few such products, however various brands of scanners look great difference.

USB (Universal Serial Bus) network, computer products, digital media and home resources to share, is a pattern of 3C combination. TV with streaming media abilities to achieve MP3, electronic camera, electronic cameras, mobile hard drive, U disk and the contents of various sd card directly on the TV broadcast, so that details sharing. Streaming TV and regular TV, the biggest distinction is that the latter can just see TV, repaired content, and streaming media clearer TELEVISION can not only see TELEVISION programs, can also play digital cameras, mobile disk drives and other digital gadgets the pictures, music, films, the original can just be played on a PC material in a larger, clearer view on the flat-panel Televisions, so the entire family to delight in together. The streaming media abilities to achieve these terrific intermediary need to depend on as the “USB” user interface.

Sales of flat-panel TELEVISION market there are still some items in order to minimize the expense of using low-speed USB1.1 interface as a streaming media user interface, and this user interface can not fulfill the huge circulation of media devices, power and transmission requirements. Currently house digital gadgets such as MP3 has the capacity to G transition, digital cams have actually currently started to millions of pixels of the brand-new generation, high-capacity streaming media files must count on reputable high-speed interface to smooth presentations, so buy streaming TELEVISION, we should first identify whether Making use of USB2.0 high speed interface changed.

USB user interface lies on the front panel USB extension user interface. Currently, using a variety of external devices USB interface more and more, such as mobile hard drives, flash drives, digital cameras, etc., however in making use of these gadgets (specifically the frequent use of mobile storage devices) each time they drill into the chassis back to use the onboard USB user interface board is obviously troublesome. Front USB ports give users in this area provide a good ease of use. Presently, the front chassis USB user interface has practically end up being the basic setup, there is no front USB port chassis has been very rare.

USB user interface connected to the chassis to utilize the USB cable television linked to the motherboard on the matching front USB pin (typically 8-pin, 9-pin or 10-pin, two USB sets, each of which utilize 4-pin USB transmission signal and power) can be utilized on. When linking the USB user interface must first check out the motherboard manual and chassis manual and its associated material, it can not be linked the wrong way, or will trigger damage to the USB device or motherboard.