Being one of the reputed brands in the market of the cell phones the name of Samsung is hardly to unknown to any user. The Samsung Galaxy S8 tends to be the best smartphone recognised all through the globe for having the attractive aesthetics, the entire glass body, and surely, its enormous delicateness. So what you think ensues as this elegant handset smashes the ground and a spider web of cracks runs all along its fragile exterior.

This is a very genuine question that a lot of the owners of Galaxy S8+ and S8 happen to pose themselves because reports of this limitation have been found true. You will come across a number of Galaxy S8 instances, but there must be some option for its owners when there takes place sudden drop and results in a costly mistake because Galaxy Samsung mobile repair is expensive.

It will be very helpful for owners of Galaxy S8 to know various options that they can use for Samsung repair without paying too much money for it.

Samsung mobile care or Samsung premium care

Any accidental damage caused to the Samsung galaxy S8+ or S8 does not happen to be covered under the usual manufacturer’s warranty. Moreover, the Samsung’s ADH or accidental damage due to handling that offered only single free screen repair to the owners of former Galaxy models is not now included in the recent policy of the company. In actuality, you can say there is extremely little free accompanying its new plans.

In place of ADH, the Samsung is providing a new warranty option meant for fractured panels and screens for this Galaxy S8. The warranty of extended kind is known by various names reliant on the nation. The United States provides Samsung Premium Care, whereas South Africa, U.K, and India provide Samsung Mobile Care.

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You can say these are the various versions of the policy having a common goal of offering cover for sudden damage due to accidents. An additional common thread happens one under which a lot of Samsung owners will find themselves disqualified. You are required to register for the warranty of extended kind within thirty days of purchasing the phone. After the expiry of this period, you are not in the capacity to purchase the insurance policy.

Samsung Premium Care

This is the warranty plan of the extended kind that is meant for the US. It is found with several more advantages that owners of the device will not find it in other countries. It is found with an option based on a monthly basis fee of $ 11.99 having the first month without charge plus deductible for every claim.

This permits you to exchange the affected iphone for a new device. Nevertheless, these claims tend to be limited only to three on every twelve month period. If you do not hand in the damaged phone while getting the new device, you may draw the unrecovered equipment fee equal to $ 1,200. It is accompanied with the additional benefit of in-person support.

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