Why and the reasons you should stick to SMS marketing

SMS proves to be a useful marketing strategy that can be integrated on to your mobile marketing campaigns. As all of us agree mobile phone has captured the digital world by storm and even transactional SMS provider India allows bank alerts. For business this serves to be of utmost importance as they can maintain a competitive edge over their peers.

As part of mobile marketing SMS stands to be a vital cog in the wheel

The moment we speak about mobile marketing we need to pay special attention to SMS marketing as this has proved to be one of the effective marketing tools. A small piece of information that is delivered on to your mobile phones has an open rate of 98 % in a span of 2 minutes. No other marketing method can provide you with such efficiency rate and for this reason SMS tops the list. Even in present times transactional SMS price India services are offered via this source.

Though mobile phones rule our life in big way, there are some things which would never go out of fashion and SMS works out to be one of them. This form of marketing is still important to users and as digital marketing expert it would be very difficult to ignore this marketing form.

The reasons why this service has climbed the popularity charts?

SMS has soared in popularity as there is a major chunk of clients and all of them need information at a single go. Be it important information or even a reminder business needs to provide clients with timely information. The best part about bulk SMS is that it is not limited to big companies and even small or medium sized companies can subscribe for them.

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For a considerable period of time email marketing was rated to the most reliable form of marketing. But things have evolved to a considerable extent that modern day business look up to SMS for their business needs. Most emails find its way on to the spam folder and hardly people read an email. The response rate is among the lowest and stands at 48 hours. Apart from this you might even need an internet connection and log on to your computer in order to read the message.

This can be even considered as an avenue to increase sales because customers can be contacted at a time that is most suitable for them. You can get in touch with them via a sales funnel which would once again be dependent upon your business goals.

You can send out reminders to your clients. Nowadays people are always on the move and need timely and reliable information. If you send out quick reminders it can lead to better trust of the company in the eyes of the public. In addition you can notify your existing set of customers about a new product or offer leading to better sales.

This form of marketing is the present and future of marketing.

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