Window Dedicated Server
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A dedicated server has been regarded as one of the most potent hardware component which guarantees superior performance for your commercial website. Nowadays, business owners in Rajasthan, irrespective of their shape and size are progressively opting for dedicated servers. It facilitates the end users with a platform for growth and development.

Window Dedicated Server
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Additionally, by hosting your commercial website on dedicated servers, you will notice that your site will experience improved loading time. If you are looking for hosting options, then I would certainly say that do consider dedicated server hosting. It has countless advantages to offer.

However, there are fundamentally two types of dedicated server options available at present in the niche marketplace:

•Windows Dedicated Server and
•Linux Dedicated Server.

Interestingly, you can choose one among the two aforesaid options depending upon your ongoing business needs and requirements. Do the relevant research on the various hosting options available and take up the one that fits in well with your needs.

Through this post, I would like to discuss some of the best features of Windows dedicated server hosting that you can consider gaining competitive edge over your competitors in Rajasthan:

•One of the most critical features of dedicated server backed with Windows operating system is its capability to operate and access application and software developed on programming platform.

Besides these, you can also access and make use of the following services:

–  Windows Media Services
–  Microsoft SQL Active Database plans
–  Server Secure for Windows
–  Microsoft Exchange Email Platform
–  Microsoft SharePoint application
–  Windows Resource Manager

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Undoubtedly, dedicated server enables you to manage sudden spike in website traffic more effectively as compared to VPS or shared hosting options. Get rid of all your worries regarding management of heavy website traffic simply by using dedicated resources to fulfill your requirements.

Hence, maintain system uptime and augment your ROI by opting for cheap dedicated server hosting services for your online website.

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