Xiaomi Aerial Photography Drone 4K Review

From last few years, Xiaomi has developed amazing efficiency in the industry with its wide collection of mobile phones. But now this brand has consumed its abilities in the big industry of action cameras, appliances for the house and PCs. Now we are going to discuss one of the most breathtaking launches of Xiaomi that is series of Drones with 4K cameras.  Xiaomi Aerial photography drone 4K is a top rated quadcopter that provides 4K digital camera with lots of exciting functions. Go through the details below to appreciate amazing journey efficiency of XiaoMi mi drone 4k.

Complete Evaluation for Xiaomi Aerial photography drone 4K Drone 4K:


  • Low-cost variety.
  • Xiaomi Aerial photography drone 4K is made with removable digital camera component and rotors.
  • It can provide amazing results for 4K documenting.
  • Can track the fixed zone for flight tickets and when goes out then it automatically limits motions.
  • Outstanding visual positioning system.


  Its appearance is not much appealing.


 Xiaomi Aerial photography drone 4K has the amazing appearance and most of its functions are comparable to DJI Phantom 4 Drone. The best part is that this drone device is made with light-weight structure so it is simple to bring it to your tour. Even, the propeller guards, as well as the gimbal device, are removable so that you can put this drone quickly inside your back pack. The overall body weight of XiaoMi mi drone 4k is only 149 grams due to graphite and thermoplastic material.

Battery Life:

As already mentioned, Xiaomi Aerial photography drone 4K can spend 27 minutes in air with once finish asking for. But battery power time can be exhausted quicker if you like to use automatic come back by and automatic leaving the function. The 17.4 Voltage battery power device with 5199mAh potential requires 3 ½ times to finish cost but if you want to increase battery power then want to bring a back-up with you.

Control Range:

As we have previously mentioned that XiaoMi mi drone 4k is made to work on 2.4GHz transmitter regularity variety. It has left-hand accelerator capability along with the handy built in type cell phone secure. In purchase to operate this drone from the remote range, you need to set up its journey configurations to Mode 2. Observe that MI is able to fly at a maximum height of 800m and it can go as far as up to 3000 meters from the operator.


 Xiaomi Aerial photography drone 4K Drone device comes with two different versions where the expert one provides 4K digital camera device with it and another version is able to handle 1080P quality stage. Observe that the 4K digital camera comes with 12.4MP indicator from Sony models and it works with Amarelle picture processor. You can set its structure amount up to 30fps.


The 1080p version of Aerial photography drone is available with a cost tag of $380 whereas for 4K digital camera facility you need to pay $460 when ordered from China. All the innovative popular functions of this drone device ensure it is suitable for expert customers. It can beat several top quality competitors with its all new specifications. Choose to bring additional battery power for your long-DISTAnce tours so that you can appreciate all-time flight tickets without worrying about battery power back-up.