ETA: The New & Improved Tourist Visa for Australia

Tourist Visa

Are you keen to visit Australia for a short period of time, for tourism or business objects? Well, you have a very good option in the form of the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Subcategory 601 that has replaced the Tourist Visas for Australia.

Yes, now you may apply for the ETA! It is obtainable to the passport holders from many nations and regions of the world. It was reportedly launched to substitute the rather complex visa application procedure earlier in place for the Visit Visa.

This new Tourist Visa for Australia is essentially a Multiple Entry Visa even as it enables you to stay in the country for a maximum time-frame of 3 months on every visit, inside the validity period of 12 months from the date when your Tourist Visas for Australia is offered.

It usually takes 48 hours for this Tourist Visa for Australia to be proffered. After the visa is provided, you have 12 months to make your entry into the nation even while it will begin only on the date you arrive in the country, and will be legally valid for a period of 1 year from then onwards.

As the name suggests, the ETA is an electronically stored authority comparable to a visa. You will not find any stamp or label in your passport. An ETA is connected to the passport number that is employed in an ETA petition even as it is mandatory that the holder utilizes the same passport to move to Oz.

For those candidates located outside the territorial limits of Down Under, who wish to make a trip to the country for either tourism or business objects, the ETA is obtainable online 24 X7.

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Please note that an ETA is not tailored to permit frequent extended stays in the country. In case you have any plans to spend long periods in the country, for the objects of tourism, you may mull submitting an application for the Tourist Visa for Australia (subcategory 600), or any another visa that fulfills your specific objects.

ETA Tourist Visas for Australia–Terms & Conditions

  1. You have the permission to gain admission into the nation for an unlimited number of times through the 12 months’ validity time-frame, or till the time your passport is legally valid.
  2. You may live in the country for a maximum time-frame of three months on every trip.
  3. You cannot do a job in the country. But there are no checks or curbs whatsoever on your business visitor deeds. You are 100% free to handle business questions, negotiations, and take part in conferences, among others.
  4. You have the permission to enroll for a study course for the time-frame of your visa validity.
  5. You must not suffer from Tuberculosis.
  6. Your background must be 100% clean, and there must not be any kind of criminal convictions slapped against you, for which you may have been found guilty and sentenced for a total combined time-frame of 1 year or above. It hardly matters whether or not you served the sentence/s.

Summary: Check the page and you shall find useful information on the ETA, the new and improved Tourist Visa for Australia.

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