With the increase in the number of motorcycle accidents, the government has made it mandatory for every rider to get a helmet. Riding without the helmet can really get you into trouble. But the cool thing about this law is that you have the freedom to select the type of helmet. Yes, there are several types of helmets in terms of shell construction including full-faced helmets, flip-up helmets, half helmets and open face helmet. Even though advice of experts is to take full-faced helmets, there is good portion of people who love to wear open face helmet.


Most of the helmet lovers love to wear steelbird open face helmet for its amazing benefits. Here are some of the important benefits.

Free from the fear of closed helmet

Most of the people who have or better to say who are claustrophobic suffer from anxiety or fear of closed helmet feel it really discomfort and feel lack of confidence in driving when they wear a closed helmet. Open face helmet is a better option for them to be free from the fear and to enjoy a confident drive. Most of the riders’ experience lack of alertness and they are made free from this feeling with an open helmet.

Obey the rule

For most of the riders riding on bikes is an entertainment. They love to ride on beautiful roads enjoying fresh air and light. A closed helmet prevents the riders from enjoying the air. Moreover, most of the people who used to be on bike frequently to travel short distance hate the closed helmet. They wear it just to make sure that they obey the rule. Hence they get the open helmet that is so easy to wear without making the feeling that their face is completely closed.

Easy to take drinks

When you are on a long drive with your bike, the open helmet helps you to take a drink without taking the helmet off your head. It provides maximum comfort and at the same time, it never makes a compromise on safety. You can easily take the drinks, engage in conversation and continue the drive as you wish. It makes you free from the feel of carrying overweight on your head. For most of the riders, closed helmet make a feel of suffocation and feel irritated. The open helmet makes the free from these discomforts and assures smooth and safe drive.

Durable and affordable

Some or most of the riders believe that open helmets are not durable. But reputed brands provide open helmets with double layer protection and carries international quality standards. Helmets are made with set industry standards and use latest manufacturing techniques to assure maximum safety and comfort for the same. At present, you can find an excellent collection of open face helmet online to make the purchase sitting in the comfort of home. It comes in different colors and model to select from. Now it is your time to place the order.

Open face helmet assures you a better drive with utmost comfort. Enjoy it and make sure that you are protected and free from legal consequences.

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