Living the Student Life – What Pune has in Store for You

Pune can easily be called the student’s capital of the West. Given the number of colleges and universities here, the city has a young and vibrant vibe. Smaller in size, when compared to its sister city Mumbai, it’s as culturally rich as it is easy-going. Whether you’re a big city dweller looking for an easier pace of life or a local Punerilooking for a break in the routine; Pune has something for everyone. Its easy accessibility adds to its many attractive offerings. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is a dream to drive through and makes getting to Pune by road a pleasure. There are also multiple flights and trains to Pune from most other major cities in the country.

Exploring the city:Exploring the city

Even within the confines of the city limit, Pune has a lot to offer. The Pataleshwar Caves in the heart of the city, the rustic monument of Nana Wada currently being used as a high school, the historical building of Fergusson College are some of the places to visit in Pune. Depending on what appeals to your fancy and what senseyou want to heighten, there are also tourist places in Pune, like the perhaps-haunted fort Shaniwar Wada, the majestic and graceful Aga Khan Palace, the tranquil Osho Ashram or the mesmerising view from Parvati Hillock.

Titillating the Taste Buds:Maharastra

Pune has some interesting options that will make your stay there a pleasure for your palate without being too heavy on your pocket. The all-time favourite German Bakery with its quirky ambience, great service and delicious food is a popular hangout for locals and tourists alike. Pune is also home to ABC Farms which is the pioneer of introducing boutique cheese-making in India and holds the annual cheese festival in November / December. One can easily find multiple restaurants and pubs to suit individual tastes just by strolling down Koregaon Park or MG Road.

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Escaping the city life:Taste

If you are the type who wants to experience more than just the city life, fret not – Pune has something for you, too! For the adventurous, some of the easily accessible and excitingplaces to visit from Pune are the Sinhagad Fort, the caves of Karla and Bhaja, Bhimashankar Temple and the beautiful Malsej Ghats. For those who like to breathe the mountain air but prefer not to trek or hike, you don’t have to go very far. You can enjoy the peaceful and gorgeous Western Ghats by going from Pune to Mahabaleshwar or Panchgani, two of the most popular hill stations in the Satara district. Easily accessible by road, with multiple options for accommodations from budget to mid to high range, Mahableshwar and Panchgani both make for excellent weekend getaways.

Another excellent way to take a break from the city without having to give up on luxuries and comfort or travelling long distances is to visit some of the many resorts near Pune. There is a plethora of resorts within 100 km from Pune which make for a great escape for a weekend. Some of the popular ones are The Corinthians Resort, Centurian Spring Hills Holiday Resort, The Fern Samali Resort, The Paradise Country Resort and The Machan Resort.