Connect With Spirituality at These Quaint Spiritual Spots in Pune

Pune’s history is said to have begun in the eighth century. Copper plates of 858 A.D. and 868 A.D show Pune was before known as Punnaka and was ruled by Rashtrakootas in the midst of the same period. Pune was moreover suggested as Punya Vishaya, which implies a favored zone. The different spiritual havens in Pune endorse its significance. Other than havens, there are also diverse religious spots which you can find in Pune. There are spots of religious importance for Jains, Muslims, Zoroastrians, Christians and Jews.

To reach Pune, its dear neighbors, Mumbaikars prefer to cover the distance by road instead of looking for a Mumbai to Pune train. For those travelling from other far off cities, Pune is very well connected through different modes of transport across the nation. Apart from having top of the line party spots and prominent instructive organizations, Pune has a plenty of interesting holy places in its region. Interested? Read ahead.Pune 3

Katraj Jain Temple

Katraj Jain Temple is the greatest and the most well known Jain haven in Pune. Generally called Agam Mandir, it is orchestrated on a little hillock neighboring Pune Satara Highway. People taking after Jainism worship the magnificent idol of Lord Mahavir in this Temple. Within the same premises, you will also find the idol of another Jain god, Parshwanath Bhagwan. Both these idols are fabricated with Panch Dhatu, that is, the five metals. The haven offers a superb entrancing view of the  entire city around night time.

Hazrat Babajan Dargah 

The sacred spot of Hazrat Babajan is a celebrated noteworthy point in Pune. The Dargah was brought up in the memory of Hazrat Babajan, a champion amongst the most recognizable Sufi name in olden times. She kicked the pail under a neem tree in Char Bawdi region of Pune, which was her home, in the midst of the last period of her life. The neem tree, where this spot today stands is known to be the most prominent memory of Hazrat Babajan.

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St. Mary’s Church

St Mary’s Church is a standout amongst the most recognized Protestant places in Pune. Worked around 1825, it was at first a spot of dedication for British warriors and their families. It is known for its amazing mix of Gothic, Indian and British architectural styles. It in like manner serves as the memorial spot of a couple of officers from the British Army.

Jejuri Temple

Jejuri Temple is located in the Jejuri town near Pune. The temple is dedicated to Lord Khandoba. The God of Jejury, King Khandoba is known by various names: Khandobachi Jejuri, Mallari, Ravalnath, Malhari, Martand, Yelkoti Mahadev, etc. Jejuri holds an essential spot in history as Shivaji met his father Shahaji there to analyze philosophies against Mughals.

Ohel David Synagogue

Ohel David Synagogue, a champion amongst the most revered spot for Jews, was assembled some time around 1863 and 1867 by Late David Sassoon. Since it is made of red stone slabs, it is in like manner implied as Lal Devel or Red Synagogue. With its Victorian basic arrangement and a clock tower overlooking the entire city, this synagogue is an undeniable prerequisite visit in the midst of your visit to Pune.