The Serenity of the Arid Lands – Rajasthan

The largest state of the Indian sub –continent offers the serenity of its largely arid lands. Rajasthan is a traveler’s delight with much more to offer than what merely meets the naked eyes. A hub to many stripes of the nation – tigers, the national animal of India – Rajasthan houses three tiger reserves namely Ranthambore, Sariska and the Mukundara Hills.

The majestic forts of the state, inexplicably beautifully carved temples, the lakes of Udaipur, the Jain temples, the pink city of Jaipur, the pilgrimage places, the tales of the chivalrous Rajputs, the magnificent cities, the heritage, the culture and the food – Rajasthan till this day lives up to the folklores that have echoed for ages. When it comes to the horizons of the Thar, tourist cannot resist a tour on the humble single humped Indian camels. The Forts, some with the best that the pages of history can offer are a delight to the eyes.

The local culture, the herds of sheep, the camel cart, the mesmerizing tunes of the Rawan Hathha and many more – Rajasthan cloaks one away from the hustle bustle of the world to its rich history. As they say, the land of kings still holds on the essence of the many royals who still wander in its breeze. A travel to this north western region of India will surely open up more to savor. The delicacies of the state are a must on the traveler’s list. Come home to Rajasthan, it houses all that could foray on one’s imagination.

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