Maharajas’ Express is a luxury train in India that runs in five different routes for nine months, a year. A lot of people travel around India with Maharajas’ Express. Before you plan on booking tickets with Maharajas’ Express, here are a few things that you need to know about the train.


You can book tickets for Maharajas’ Express through the official portal or through any reputed travel agent. You ought to make sure that you have valid passport and visa before you book the tickets. It is better to book at least four months in prior to the departure date so that you would be able to find available tickets. The cancellation policies and other terms would be provided in the booking page and it is important to read through those before booking.


The price of the ticket varies from one season to another. The months of April and August are considered as lean season and the price would be low. December and January will have elevated price due to the festivals and tourist season.


Maharajas’ Express can provide seven different types of food diets including Lactose free diet, gluten free diet and others. You need to mention your requirement during booking. Any other special needs should also be mentioned while booking and Maharajas’ Express team would make sure that you have a tailored tour. You can skip any outing and spend time inside the train. You can conduct small gatherings in the lounge room. There are people who celebrate anniversaries or birthdays inside the train for a unique experience.

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Train features

It is not new to explain that Maharajas’ Express has the best of all services and amenities inside the train. You ought to know that the train itself is one kilometre long. It is one of the most luxurious trains in the world and has won the award for best luxury train three times in a row from 2010.

South India Tour

If you are ready to visit India in 2017, you can enjoy Maharajas’ Express in South India too. There are plans for organizing Maharajas’ Express trip through South Indian states too. This trip will cover Goa, Kerala and Maharashtra. This trip focuses the numerous tourists who visit Goa and Kerala every year. The most important part of this trip is that the route for this trip includes the Konkan route which is one of the most serene paths for train travel in India.


There are numerous other things that you need to know about the train. A vacation in India with Maharajas’ Express will help you learn a lot about this train. This is the world’s most expensive and luxury train India that serves every type of visitor needs here.

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