Trendy Artifacts of Jaipur City

Kundan Jewellery
Rajasthan is the place, where tradition is given more value than anything else. You can stay amazed with the colorful turbans and women folks bejeweled with chunky jewelry of various metals and stones. It is famed as a perfect destination for the shoppers- as craftsmen here design fabulous range of creations and artifacts of brilliant quality. Great men of Rajasthan have left behind their legacy of art craft and antique treasures that are considered to be the heritage of this state.

The jewelers of Jaipur are popular all over the world for their ultimate collection and seamlessness. Silver, Gold and other precious stone jewelry pieces are too captivating for anyone. In addition to this, Lac bangles are its special attraction that allures everyone to the city for a new type of experience in accessories. The Lac Bangles are considered as a good omen and can be availed in various colors and design.

Kundan and Minakari jewelry is another speciality of Jaipur city, that again reflects its traditional values. Kundan -an art of setting precious stones in gold ,is also a very popular craft here. In this city of art, a wide variety of emerald, garnet, topaz, ruby, amethyst and Lapiz lazuli is also available.

From decades, Rajasthan has earned immense popularity because of its rich heritage and captivating artifacts. People of Rajasthan possess sharpened resourceful sense and artistic skills that inspires them to achieve this level of creativity. If you are looking forward to buy some of these artifacts of eminence you can surely choose to go to Jaipur, City of Style.

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