BMW 5 Series Models –Evolution of First 3 Generations

BMW, the renowned German auto behemoth, started manufacturing mid-sized luxury cars – the BMW 5-series sedans – from 1972. Before launching this line of cars, the renowned automaker started out with 4-door sends. However, the new 5 series BMW New Class has evolved since 1972 and is now in the 6th generation. Initially this touring body style came only in sedan body style. However, with time two more body styles were added. The first variation was introduced in 1991. It came with the touring body style. In 2009, the second variation was introduced and it was known as Gran Touring or the 5-door hatchback. If we look at the best selling models, the 5-series model is the second most best selling one after the 3-series. If the profit accruement of the German auto behemoth is considered, it can be seen that 50 per cent of the total profit of BMW in the year 2010 came from 5-series models itself. You can get a sneak peek with the extent of popularity of this series by checking out a simple fact.  In a period of just 36 years, BMW sold 5 million 5- series models. The five millionth model sold by BMW was a 530d Saloon in Carbon Black Metallic and date of sale was January 29, 2008. In India currently there has been a renewed liking for luxury cars. As the luxury cars come with a hefty price tag, the used car market is expanding at a faster rate. That’s why there has been a tremendous increase in popularity of used BMW 5 series in Delhi.  Now, let’s check different generations of 5 series BMW cars available till now.

1st Generation – It all Started with E12

BMW5 Series has been a rage among the luxury car buyers since the first generation model E12 was released in 1972. 5-Series denoted “New Class” platform, which replaced BMW’s mid-sized sedan – BMW New Class. When compared with the BMW E3 models, 5-Series E12 is smaller in size.  However, the E12 model is definitely bigger than the 2002’s two-door model. The first generation car was available in sedan only along with manual transmission. In case of US and Japan, the automatic transmission models are also available. This is perhaps one of the most popular used BMW 5 Series sedans available in Delhi and other parts of India. Its production has already stopped back in 1981 and currently they are mainly available as used cars and not absolutely new ones. E12 BMW M5 is known as the predecessor of M5. This first generation models was styled by Paul Bracq as well as Pietro Frua.

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Launch of the 2nd Generation

The second generation of BMW’s 5 Series was named BMW E28 and was first launched in the year 1981. In this model some subtle but important changes have been done. Some of the major changes done are –

  • Revised headlights
  • Large rectangular taillights
  • Thicker rubber bumper surrounds
  • 6-cylinder diesel engine
  • Automatic transmission

The time period of the second generation BMW 5 series is from 1981 to 1988. One of the most successful lines of 2nd gen cars is the M5 model line. Unquestionably the most successful one is the BMW E28 M5 model, which is renowned for using the BMW S38 six-cylinder engine. E28 M5, which was launched in 1984, with the European specifications is the fastest producing sedan world over.

Third Generation 5-Series

The third 5-series model is known as E34, which was launched in the market in 1988 and ruled the roads till 1995. In fact, the used BMW 5 series in Delhi has become a rage as it is more streamlined than its predecessors and has a stiffer body.

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