Reap the benefits of SAP Business One Add-Ons for your specific industry

Every company operates differently and do things in a unique manner. To thrive in today’s world, they need the power of a robust software couple with some special add-ons to meet their specific business initiatives. This is why; SAP Business One Add-Ons comes into the picture. There is a range of benefits with SAP Business Add-Ons and which you can leverage it for the better. These add-ons render you more functionality to do more with the SAP Business One software. SAP Business One as we know is robust and enterprise-ready software that helps to mitigate all business and technical challenges with ease and precision by automating various manual tasks.

So, whether you are in a Pharma, logistics, manufacturing or retail business, you can reap all the benefits of this amazing software with special add-ons. The add-ons provide you the unique functionalities to meet your specific business needs. The custom functionality allows users to do things previously unimaginable with any software. SAP Business One add-ons extend the capability of the ERP software in delhi which is designed to fulfill the custom requirements of the business.  

In this blog, we will be discussing the benefits of SAP Business One add-ons and how it empowers different industry verticals.  


Managing the quality and ensuring smooth operations in dairy business has always been a focus of the business. To add to it, managing perishable food items and the quality becomes all more wearisome. Customers today are more learned and concerned with the quality of food. This is prompting dairy companies to keep with the quality of food and be future ready to meet all the stringent requirements of the business. With dedicated add-ons for your dairy business, it becomes relatively easy to have great control over various aspects like  distribution management, route management and more.

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Process Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is replete with dynamic shift changes laded with perfection and speed. So, if you are a manufacturing firm who want to keep a close eye on production flaws and calculate stage wise production and stage wise quality, then the add-ons will help you to manage multiple manufacturing units and track even minuscule details like by-product management, batch product forecasting and batch costing management.


Pharma company faces a gamut of challenges now and then. The industry has to tackle the sea of challenges in the shortest timeframe and also have to live up to the expectations of customers, vendors and suppliers which is consistently growing. To match the exact requirement of your Pharma business, there are specific add-ons that fit best to your requirements. They will help you keep a track on sensitive operations and help you stay compliance, manage expiry of your drugs, costing, formula management and simplify reporting.

Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages faces gamut of challenges such as rising consumer expectations, globalization, need to come up with innovative ideas to mitigate spoilage, fierce competition, etc. Right from bulk manufacturers to short cycle produce, Food & Beverages industry has its own set of challenges and opportunities to develop and deliver new products of superior quality which cater to today’s dynamic market demands.

Every company needs differ. So, if you have some specific requirements with erp software in delhi that can be addressed with add-ons, then one of the trusted ERP companies can help you with your expectations and business needs.            

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