Reasons You Should Avoid Buying Tata Storme

An SUV produced by reputed Tata Motors of India, the Tata Safari has attained a lot of fame across the country. It is a hot favourite among those who love big cars and get the feel of having the best in possession. Tata Safari is virtually the first SUV to be designed, developed and manufactured completely in India.

Are you looking forward to buy an SUV this year? Here are some reasons you should NOT consider a Tata Storme:


Of course, the Tata lovers boast about the look these cars manage to carry. The latest Tata version has almost brutally assassinated the original masculine look of the traditional version. However, it still manages t looks like a Tata product. The Storme carries a sober front with a spare wheel at the rear door. The door carries the safari trademark combined with a stout look. The side profile for this SUV remains the same.

Fit and Finish

Don’t expect much in this department from Tata as this is the weakest section for the brand. So the Strome comes with coarse finishes, with bumpy panel gaps that are clearly visible.


Storme is available with basic features. If you choose the top end model, it comes equipped with a Dashboard that has a nice matt wooden finish. Some of the other features of Storme include a decent quality music system, AC vents, traditional rotatory knobs, and an analog clock. The downside here is related to safety. It does not have air bags (LX and EX variants).
These days most hatchbacks come with this safety feature. So an SUV of this stature priced at almost Rs. 10 Lakhs must have included it as a standard feature across all variants. The rear-AC is available only in EX/VX models. Another big turn offs for the car is a basic instrument console, absence of digital meters and FE indicator.


NO 4×4

Tata Storme is available in 4 variants:

  • LX
  • EX
  • VX
  • VX 4×4

The experts have considered this as a big flaw in this car. They believe that Tata should have ideally, provided 4×4 in all of its variants.

Jump Seats

This time too, the Storme has reserved the rear 3rd row jump seats. So this will come as a total let-down for most aspirants because they love front facing seats, especially for the 6/7th passengers when going on a longer journey.


The Storme offers somewhere between 12 and 12.5 KMPL on an average. This was promised by the manufacturer for enhancing the vehicle performance. This will help it run more KMs.


Well, Tata has always been known for poor after-sales-service. So this is definitely another reason for not opting for Storme.

No Automatic gearbox

Although not an important part, most of the present day car buyers prefer it to be auto.


If you go for VX4x4, it will cost you somewhere close to Rs. 17 Lakhs! There are other candidates to look forward to. Try going through Tata Safari Specification online before making a decision.