With the advancement in the technology and as the internet is evolving drastically, it has come with many changes and provides many easy solutions to everything. With this advancement in the web development and designing candidates are most passionate about their career goals and think to make their career in this field. It is now core field, because of various web designing jobs opportunities. And one of the most interesting things about that is there are so many useful paid and unpaid tools available in the market which help designers to make their task hassle-free.

Node.js:  Node.js is a server-side platform that built on Chrome JavaScript and supports many web applications. It was launched in 2009 and now its latest version is v0.10.36. It is an open-source cross-platform that helps for developing server-side web applications and networking applications. It can be run on different platforms such as Linux, OS X, and Windows. It provides a rich library of various JavaScript modules.

Bootstrap: It is also a free open-source tool that developers used for fast responsive website development. It is the most powerful framework for front-end development. It uses CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Anyone who has basic knowledge of HTML, CSS can easily implement bootstrap coding. In this, there are so many classes by using those classes you can make a responsive web design page.

Notepad++: It is an open source editor and it provides syntax highlighting, tabbed editing which allows users to work with multiple files, code folding for so many programming languages such as scripting, a markup language. It was first released on 2003 and nowadays many of the programmers use this editor. By coding on this editor you can easily solve your all mistakes.

Bracket: This editor is made with a primary focus on web development. It is written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is available for cross platforms Mac, Windows, and Linux. There is so many versions of the bracket and the first version released by Adobe in 2014. It provides several features such as quick edit, quick docs, live preview, LESS support and so many other features.

Firebug: It is the most popular tool for web developers. With the help of this tool, you can edit, debug, and monitor your CSS, HTML on any web page. With this, you can quickly find errors. It was developed by Hewitt in 2006. With the HTML inspect tab in firebug, you can check your HTML elements, and Firebug CSS tabs tell you everything about the style of your web page you can make the changes. It is also easy to visualize CSS metrics, with this it is easy to measure all the margin, padding, and size.

There are so many other editors and tools like XAMPP, WAMP, LESS, Ember.js, JEdit etc., and much more. Everyone uses these tools according to their need try out these useful tools if you still haven’t. With digitization gaining its pace, there will be seen a rapid growth in web development in coming years. Also, it has brought much web designing jobs opportunities for the candidates to make-up with the latest trends and technology in web development. Job seekers who are searching for the jobs can get a job by visit some of the best job portals like Monster India, Shine and much more and get benefits from there.

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