How do I choose a debt management company for my business!

Like all debt relief companies, the best debt management companies are transparent about their fees, plans, and credential (debt relief programs). They recognize that debt management can be confusing and offer clear websites and a number of customer service options. Here are all of the factors you should consider when choosing a debt management company.

Nonprofit: While being a non-profit is no guarantee that a debts management company will charge lower fees or operate more ethically than a for-profit company, there are additional layers of oversight for nonprofits that can boost an organization’s credibility over it’s for profit counterparts.

Accreditation: The top debt-management companies are accredited by organizations including the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies (AICCCA), Council on Accreditation (COA), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Longevity: Companies that have been in business longer have more of a reputation to uphold and less incentive to engage in shady business practices. This can guarantee the transparency of their debt relief programs.

A clear, comprehensive, transparent website: You’ll probably have dozens of questions about debt management plans and a website should be able to be armed with the most crucial information you may require.

The best debt management companies provide clear descriptions of their services and fees as well as extensive fees: They keep their fees low relative to the competition. Though debt management fees are capped by state regulations, the best companies may choose to charge less than they’re allowed, and may not charge at all in the case of extreme financial hardship.


A variety of debts: Nearly all debt management plans can include unsecured debt including credit-card debt and medical bills, for example. The best companies are also willing to include certain types of secured debt (loans associated with collateral) in your plan, even if they can’t negotiate reduced interest rates or payments.

Extensive customer support: It should be easy to get in touch with company representatives via phone and email. Online chat is a nice bonus.

Free credit consultations are standard among debt management companies. They should also allow online account management and have credit counselors available during weekends.

Extensive educational offerings on debt relief Programs and business finance: The top debt management companies want to educate their clients with a thorough variety of educational articles, videos, debt calculators, online classes, and other information.

Does the debt settlement company that you are considering offer any type of bankruptcy assistance for business if debt settlement is not going to work for you? For instance, some debt settlement companies will offer you a refund of some of the program cost to help pay for a bankruptcy attorney of your choice. Of course, his payment is not given to you, but to the attorney. If a debt settlement company offers you this, you are a concern for them, and they have your best interest in mind.


The debt settlement company should be able to take you through all the debt relief programs available for your business.

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