Investing in Precious Metals

What is it about gold that has made humans go gaga about it for centuries? It is due to its beauty, yes, but it is also due to the characteristics of gold, the fact that it is scarce, so easily manipulated and it is actually something that we all always want… for some reason. Buying gold as an investment is actually a relatively easy task if you have the basics cornered. Before you go on and buy your first ounce of gold of your first gold coin, the most important thing that you have to know is if it is a good time to buy gold based on the market value of gold and the second most important thing that you must decide on is, how much investment do you want top place on the precious metal. The first few initiatives or steps that you take towards gold is critical and as such a slow and cautious approach is advised. Allocating 10 % of you current savings or investment to gold is a viable allotment that could assist you in testing the ‘golden waters’ so to speak.


If you are satisfied with the progress you could slowly increase your gold investments; however it is also important to know which type of gold investments you are going to allow yourself to dabble in. If you find stocks and bonds and gold related investments through a brokerage firm to complicating, then buying physical gold in the form of bullions is the best way to invest in gold. Gold coins are also good investments due to the fact that as time passes by, the possibility of gold coins increasing in value due to numismatic value is a big possibility. Selling gold coins is always quick, in case the need for cash arises as the gold buyers Brisbane, Melbourne or the Gold Coast are ever willing to take them of your hands and the same goes to gold bars. Regardless of what form your gold is in – ingots, bars or coins, there will always be people ready to buy them of you, however, the same does not apply to jewelry, because when you buy jewellery, do not forget that you will also be paying for the workmanship of the piece as well as the overhead costs of the jeweller.

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These costs are NEVER included by gold buyers Brisbane or Melbourne for that matter, in other words, if you buy gold jewellery and sell them to a gold dealer at a later time, you will be losing the overhead costs that you paid for because they are only interested in the gold and not how the jewellery looks – in the end the jewellery will end up in a refinery to extract the gold from it and not in another jewellers store. Thus if you want to sell gold jewellery, it is better to try your luck with individuals who might be able to pay you a bit for the overhead costs, however locating people who are willing to buy second hand jewellery is going to be rather difficult. eBay is definitely a place where you can play your ware, or even social media sites have become platforms that everybody uses to get rid of things that are unwanted.

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