7 places for the first date in Bath

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Officially the most romantic city in the UK, Bath won with 40% of the votes, leaving behind Winchester and Lincoln. The title brings in a lot of work to live up and match the standards. Naturally Romantic, here are a few fantastic places in Bath for your first date.

Sotto Sotto

Sotto Sotto is a renowned Italian restaurant just a few steps ahead of the Roman bath in the North Parade. The restaurant is a cosy place often candle-lit to build up the aura. The staff ensures a soothing appearance of the area to maximise romance and fluttering lights. The location is always in demand so be careful with pre-reservations, so you don’t fall on your face when the manager says “we’re full” in front of your date! The wine section is exquisite, and the selection of drinks is exciting and appealing most of the times. You can have your very own spaghetti kiss moment while you impress your date with the delicacies of this cosy yet elite restaurant. Sotto Sotto sounds like a perfect evening dinner date for starters.

The Royal Crescent

The iconic honey-coloured Georgian stone is a fascinating background for a romantic stroll through the Victori Park. Lining a row of 30 terraced houses, laid in a crescent, The Royal Crescent was designed by architect John Wood, the Younger in between 1767 and 1774 and is a Grade I listed building. With a view of the great park and the luxury of the hotel, a romantic ambience is bound. You can always lay back and chill without worrying about the expenses since we have at the rescue. They help with free hotel vouchers so you can cash out lesser on the bookings than earlier. It is the best for a stay and roam around for sight-seeing nearby.

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The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths is another famously historic place where they offer torchlight tours late in the evening so you can be a bit more confident in the atmosphere to declare your love. The Roman Baths also facilitate marriage although it might be a bit too much for a first date! The fantastic museums and cosplays of historical Roman characters is the highlight of the place. The Roman Baths also open late for a night of music, so there is a chance of our having a party in the museum.

The Little Theatre

A gem of the 1930’s cinema, The Little Theatre is just the right spot you looked all around to pop the question. Or even more, the theatre has a serene atmosphere to get to know your partner well. Imagine going to a movie and realising your partner has no choice of a good film. That’s such a disgrace! The film buffs have made it a point to serve the people right with all the breathtaking old movies and classics for the history lovers. You can also get a membership that allows free tickets and discounted rates, and it can be your couple thing to come here regularly!

Thermae Bath Spa

You are definitely getting brownie points to book an evening at Thermae Bath Spa! A stunning rooftop pool with a perfect view of the skies and a relaxing break from the regular life to spend some quality time with your beloved one, Thermae Bath Spa does it all for you. You can enjoy the unique treatment including facials, massage and the popular Watsu treatment as the sun sets over Bath. Exclusively in Bath, this spa has naturally warm, mineral-rich water like the Romans had 2000 years ago. Such a romantic evening would never be denied by anybody who’s a lover of silence and luxury.

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The Dark Horse

If cocktails are your partner’s thing, take them to this refreshing cocktail bar located at 7A Kingsmead Square, Bath. The bar is a subterranean cocktail den serving seasonally with fresh and local ingredients. It is an ideal place for a first date. The bar is an upcoming popular and award-winning site in Bath. Visitors flocking towards the spa and other fancy places have now turned their heads towards this three-year-old lavish bar. The great Chris Hopwell of Jackknife Studios in Bristol created and designed the artwork. The place has good music and groovy atmosphere always so cheers to your first date!

Hall & Woodhouse

A seven-year-old place in Bath, Hall & Woodhouse was a Bonham’s auctioneer. The site is a four-storeyed building with a stunning rooftop terrace. You can dine in the excellent restaurant that serves fresh food and shop some antiques while to sip a drink in The Potting Shed. You can book a table in advance for private dining at The Pavilion. Dogs are welcome at the pantry on the ground floor!

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