Go4hosting enters the world of Multi Cloud hosting by partnering with AWS , Alibaba & others

Go4hosting, persisting with a view towards innovations has made a name for itself in the Multi Cloud services industry. With its long, exquisite and flawless experience, Go4hosting offers its clients the best usage of cloud infrastructures and servers, and has taken the hosting business to a new dimension. The multi cloud assistance that is offered for business operations through easier transformation of business ventures for capturing newer markets gives an edge to Go4hosting.

While using Go4hosting, features such as proper data management and meticulous guidance help in tweaking the technical features to perform maximally, by concise management of the customers’ existing business frameworks. Also, the competent approach offered for multi cloud computing solutions and world-class data server systems serves diverse applications and solutions.

With unmatched performance-oriented solutions offering ample scope of business growth, Go4hosting manages multiple business operations for its customers to carry out a smooth migration to efficient technologies. Go4hosting provides simplified solutions for hosting and computing by offering a higher level of affordable business features for internet and multi cloud hosting solutions.

A Cluster of Clouds

 Alibaba Cloud

As is widely known, the meteoric rise of Alibaba Cloud to become a serious player in cloud framework has been an inspiring one. Above all, Alibaba Cloud is a completely performance-driven, flexible computing organization existing within the cloud service provider niche. Their services work on pay-as-you-go basis and focus primarily on data storage, big-data processes and content delivery networks (CDN), relative databases and Anti-DDoS protection. Further, Alibaba Cloud being an organization which is dedicated to detailed analysis and processing of enormous database systems and high-level big data technologies, it was crucial to have them as part of Go4hosting multi cloud offerings.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud mostly revolves around the quick go-to-market strategy, with an in-built production path for cloud innovation within local industries as well as other open source communities for attaining the best business solutions. The Google Cloud satisfactorily manages Virtual Machines for its already existent data centers. To elaborate about the Google Cloud platform, we should primarily be focused on three major benchmarks they follow, highlighted below:

  • Future-Proof Infrastructure
  • Robust Data Security & Analytics
  • Server less Coding & Development (DevOps)

The availability of these stated features, lets Google Cloud operate with a commitment for enhancement of continuous performance, offer stable disk capability, and reduce response time by offering customized business solutions as per the requirements of the customers – much in line with Go4hosting’s vision for multi cloud services.


The significantly beneficial advantage of the Amazon Web Services cloud is its industry-leading features of elasticity and openness in conjunction with its depth and breadth of resources. AWS is seen as an organization-friendly data manipulation platform, as here the platform majorly comprises of storage features such as:

  • Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
  • Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Elastic File System (EFS)
  • Import/Export of massive volume data transfer
  • Archive backup and Storage that desegregates on-location environments
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AWS Cloud has sought to provide data storage which efficiently manages the most vital aspects of services, analytics, computing, and information. The mobile services work in line with other operating tools such as management, development, networking, enterprise applications and security functions to offer robust business solutions.

Multi Cloud – The Promising Way To A Successful Future

Today, multi cloud is technically the most suitable cloud computing deployment infrastructure design that enables enterprises in managing application and services over several private and public cloud services that are a combination of the most appropriate services, in the form of multiple cloud vendors, multiple cloud accessibility zones, multiple cloud accounts or multiple cloud regions or locations.

By creating multi cloud systems, easy usage of many other types of existing services for managed cloud hosting functions can be done. Done right, multi cloud service offers a holistic and progressive end-to end approach for functioning of the business. The multi cloud approach helps in facilitating and enhancing the security and operations existing across the entire multi cloud network. Multi cloud functions offer the best platform for the wonderful journey to business success!

For example, the Alibaba Cloud sets up functional systems for business customers by offering some of the most innovative solutions for business growth. Alibaba Cloud has continually expanded its features and functions tremendously, because it is supported by one of the biggest cloud service providers. With enhanced emphasis on price competitiveness and customer support, without any doubt, the Alibaba Cloud is a forerunner of multi cloud adoption. Also, enterprise customers receive the dedicated support of Alibaba Cloud’s solution architects team.

As for Go4Hosting, it offers public, private and hybrid multi cloud hosting solutions with the best competencies to expand your business, for quicker innovation and more efficient management of resources to respond to heavy business demands. Also, Go4hosting multi cloud solution architects in co-ordination with software developers work in line for management of unexpected turbulence, to coin a phrase.

Go4hosting Takes Flight Into Multi Cloud Skies!

With robust infrastructure, Go4hosting delivers a dedicated and managed infrastructural design for maximum solution flexibility with enhanced data security. It offers enhanced responses and quick time for managing multi cloud hosting solutions.

Go4hosting works towards enhancing business by developing suitable multi cloud strategies to function to the benefit of each and every section of decision-making and business through multi cloud deployment. The multi cloud services comply with stringent security and guidelines for data breach confrontation and management of security threats.

The forte of Go4hosting is its critical applications and website hosting management on multi cloud architecture without any hassle. The primary goal of Go4hosting business solutions is to meet the dynamic needs of clients well in time. With the adoption of Go4hosting multi cloud strategy at every junction on the journey to comprehensive digital transformation, your business can prosper by leaps and bounds!

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