Headgears that you need to have for modest dressing

Headgears are a very important part of dressing, particularly modest dressing. While some headgears are determined by religion, there are a few others that are worn for fashion and style.

Well if you are thinking about revamping your wardrobe and infusing a little touch of headgears in it, then you need to know about a few headgears that are commonly worn by women all across the world so that when you shop you shop right. From a burka online shopping to caps and hats, here is a detailed list of some of the headgears that you can try out:

  1. Hijab: This is a very common headgears from the pages of Islam, which is worn by Islamic women all across the world. These headgears are extremely fashionable and they are worn around your head and face, so that your head and ears and your neck remains covered. The highlight will be on your face. If you are particularly fond of face makeup, then this type of headgear will be perfect for you. It is very important that you check the material and colour before you buy one.
  2. Niqab: This is another headgear that is worn by Islamic women. It is mostly like the hijab, the only difference being that there is a veil that will cover your mouth as well. Only your eyes will be visible and hence you need to pay particular attention to the eye makeup. These are generally worn with abayas and not with general outfits, like jeans and tops, something that can be done when wearing hijabs. Thus if you are planning on buying a niqab, you will have to make sure that you have an abaya too.
  3. Burka: This is the most covered and modest of all headgears. When you do your online burka shopping make sure that you do it from a site which is known for selling Islamic women headgear since it will not be available in regular ones. The entire face remains covered with a veil in a burka and the head, neck and ears remain covered like that of a hijab. If you are not too fond of makeup then this headgear is an excellent option. Make sure that you get a nice and airy material for your burka since it will cover your entire face and you should be able to breathe in it.
  4. Hats: Hats are very popular amongst women in European countries. From large hats to small dainty ones, hats can be worn in any way you want them. In fact hats look really well when paired with skirts, dresses or jeans. These are perfect for blocking the sun out of your face.
  5. Caps: Well if you are in a sporty mood and you are all about games and sports, then there is no better option than caps. These are available in various sizes, though the designs are not as versatile as hats.
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These are some very popular types of headgear that you can consider owning, if you are thinking of adding some in your wardrobe.