Top 5 traditional dresses for women to buy Online

India is a vast country with diverse culture and therefore the Indian women are found to be clad in many dresses that distinctly vary with region, religion and lifestyle. Each of these dresses have reach heritage and are specific to the particular community.

While considering the traditional dress for women it will be found that women from different region wear different ethnic dress. All of these are colorful and carry rich cultural inheritance. The diversity ranges to such an extent, that nothing except Sari can be enrolled as a traditional dress for Indian women as this is the only dress acceptable to women throughout the length and breadth of the subcontinent.

Due to change in fashion the most of the Indian women now wear Anarkali dress, Salwar or churidar and Kameez, Ghagra Choli and Mekhela besides wearing saris. There has also been a change in the buying pattern of the women and they now prefer to buy dresses online rather than going to brick and mortar shops.

Those days are gone when women used to stay in the house only. Now they get education and work shoulder to shoulder with their partners for sharing responsibilities. This resulted a time crunch and for this reason they are online dress shopping.

There are also other advantages of online dress shopping. You can browse through the collection very easily without straining yourself and buying dresses online you get it at relatively lower rate.

Traditional Indian dresses are great for any occasion and, therefore, the women buy dresses online to pamper their beauty. In case you are buying dresses online, you should consider the following 5 traditional dresses that are mostly accepted by the Indian women.

  1. Sari

Talking about traditional dress for women, there is no doubt that, Sari is the empress. Size remaining same there is great evolution in the fabric used and the design color and style of Sari. The most popular is the Banarsi Sari that comes in vibrant colors with heavy embellishments. Other than this Kanjivaran Sari, Silk Sari, Pochampalli Sari, Potala Sari etc are also there to deliver an elegant look when draped in.

  1. Salwar or Churidar Kameez
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This also happens to be one of the most famous traditional dresses for the Indian women. This is also very popular to all women from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. There are plenty of variations in Kameez length and you can wear it with Salwar or Churidar which is a narrower version of the Salwar. Shop this online for the festive season around.

3. Ghagra Choli
This traditional dress is also called Lehenga Choli and is commonly worn by the people of the North West region like Rajasthan and Gujarat. Both upper and lower parts come in different styles with embellishments in radiant colors to highlight the beauty of the women and are suitable for wearing on all occasions. Combined with matching Dupatta these become more graceful.

  1. Anarkali dress

With the wedding season around, your wardrobe can never be complete without an Anarkali dress. Blending traditional style with contemporary theme, this unique outfit is the most popular for the modern women for wedding and other social gatherings. There are many designs and styles. You are sure to stand out of the crowd wearing this dress.

  1. Mekhela Chador

Although this traditional dress is native to the North East region of the sub continent, it is very popular among the women, and especially teenagers.  This can be called another version of the Sari with two pieces one draping the lower body and the other the upper part. With a motif reach Chador this delivers a glamorous presence.

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