Top 7 Dishes from the Tibetan Cuisine that are Popular in India

It is no hidden truth that Tibet is famous for its delicious dishes. Momos is one such finger-licking dish offered by Tibetans you might have heard of. There are also various other dishes that has unmatched taste and flavor. We bring you the list of top 7 dishes from the Tibetan cuisine that must definitely be tried and tasted by you.


Momos are one of the most popular dishes across the globe introduced by Tibetans. Momos is basically a steamed bun filled with either vegetables or meat. For outer covering of momos, white flour and water dough is used whereas inner filling of the momos is prepared with the combination of vegetables, meat, paneer, tofu or cheese. One can add monosodium glutamate to enhance the taste of the momos but it comes with some health risks so it should be avoided if possible. You can indulge in two varieties of momos that includes Tingmo and Thaipo.


Made using roasted barley flour and ghee, Tsampa is the staple food of Tibet. Tsampa is included in almost every meal of Tibetan people. Sherpas and nomads are the highest consumers of Tsampa dish. You can make tsampa using two different methods, one is by using butter tea for making dough and the other is one by beef, mutton or vegetables to make porridges. While making the latter one, you need to add sugar to give it a sweet and pleasant taste.

Dried Beef and Mutton Strips

Dried beef and mutton strips are the dish which is highly consumed by Tibetans. Yak meat is considered as most popular meat variety in Tibet preferred by locals. It is often consumed raw but some prefer to cook the mutton and beef with salt ginger and other spices for a better taste. One may find it difficult to chew dried meat but it’s worth trying as it tastes really good.

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Thukpa is nothing but Tibetan’s noodles. It is usually served with vegetables and brewis. Tibetan people living in the country prefer Tibetan noodles along with sweet as their breakfast. Tibetan noodle soup and Shallot makes a good combination if you are looking for pleasant evening meal. After trying this delicious Tibetan noodle soup, there is no turning back.


If you are looking for a delicious dish that perfectly caters your taste buds then sausages from Tibet is something you will love.  Flour sausage comes in yellow/brown color made using wheat flour, porkfat, white wine, salt and paprika. Meat and lung sausages are also quite popular dishes here. This finger licking dish has recently garnered lot of attention from food lovers around the world.

Ginseng Fruit Rice

Ginseng fruit rice is a delicious dish usually prepared during festivals. It is considered as a lucky food by Tibetans and ate during special occasions. Made using rice, ginseng fruit, butter tea and sugar, Ginseng fruit rice is considered as one of the healthiest dishes packed with nutrients beneficial for the digestive system.

Milk Curd

Milk curd is basically the solidified sediments of boiled milk that has a sour taste. One can try making this dish and add some spices to give it a mouthwatering taste. Milk curd can also be used as a filing agent in momos.

The Last Words

Tibetan cuisine is an absolute delight to eat. There are so many varieties in the cuisine that you will love the flavors and the types available in it. Try out all 7 of these items and you will love each of them as they are very popular in the Tibet region.

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