Compliance and Virtualization: Driving Forces of Colocation

Colocation Services

With the rise of virtualization and cloud technology, the need for building more and more data centers is also increasing. A study reveals that more than 50% of companies are embracing this avant-garde technology for their growing business needs and to gain competitive edge. Colocation offers a wide array of opportunities to the SMEs and enterprises to keep a pace with the technology-driven environment, with no huge capital investment. It offers the extremely reliable, resilient and economical ways of delivering virtualized and cloud solutions. This is a must for the enterprises with strict security and compliance requirements.

Colocation Services
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Environmental Control and Network

Virtualization and cloud hosting services are reliant on the performance of network services and controlled environment. Also, the hardware with virtualized servers requires the optimum environmental support, which a colocation service provider offers.

For cogent functioning of cloud based solutions and virtual machines, colocation offers premium bandwidth, fast connectivity, and dual power path to support the network. The buzzing virtualization technology reduces the number of physical servers required, however the consolidated servers produce greater heat, and for optimal performance this needs to be removed immediately.

Colocation Meets Compliance Regulations

For the companies with strict compliance requirements, it is too costly to build and maintain a data center. Not only architecting a data center is an expensive process, however it is also very intricate. Proper certifications, such as SSAE 16 is required to ensure that the data center is well-armed with all the aspects and is capable enough to meet the demands of the companies dealing in various sectors.

In this light, all the security and compliance needs are efficiently managed through a colocated datacenter.

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Snapshot of Key Deployment Models of Cloud Computing

public cloud hosting

With most businesses focusing on making most of the cloud technology to plummet their capital expenditure and control ever-increasing operating costs, there has been an aggressive growth in cloud adoption over past few years.

public cloud hosting
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Nevertheless, there has been a compelling argument over cloud-based security risks and challenges for IT management that has been one of the key reasons behind slow adoption rate. Moving to the cloud without having comprehensive understanding with technology won’t be a good decision on the part of any business. Therefore, it is very significant for businesses as well as individuals to first comprehend and determine their requirements before opting any of deployment models available on the cloud. There are primarily four key cloud deployment models, which are discussed below.

Here are the key deployment models in cloud computing solutions that businesses in Rajasthan can consider:

  • Public Cloud
  • This is typically how the mainstream services are offered over the web. This type of web hosting provision is supported by a fairly enormous amount of shared infrastructure and resources that is existent on a single remote location. This model of cloud is provided to enterprises with a self-service provision over the Internet. The billing is done on the basis of resource utilization as in whatever resources the user will be consuming they will be charged for that only.

  • Private Cloud
  • Private cloud computing provision is regarded as an extension of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) model. This unsurpassed model is best suited for individual companies that want to have extensive level of control over their highly confidential business data. It offers great deal of security to the data while still enabling users to seamlessly share files and documents.

  • Community Cloud
  • Community model of cloud computing can be best understood as a congregation of various public cloud networks to host a network. This combined effort is driven by comparable business requirements of organizations that belong to a specific industry in consort with enormous scale requirements that can’t be hosted on a single public cloud. However, there is less number of users in community cloud as compared to in a public cloud; however the count is somewhat more than private cloud.

  • Hybrid Cloud
  • This type of a computing model is largely preferred by the organization that want to manage part of their resources (highly critical in nature) in-house and others (comparatively less critical resources) on a public cloud model. Moreover, it is best recognized to be used in cases wherein businesses want to proliferate inorganically without incurring huge capital in the procedure. Hybrid systems also offer fairly superior level of control over data.

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Why You Should Select an Affordable Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers are still the best choices for enterprises and for the SME’s. The reason is, powerful dedicated servers are been hired to manage the high traffic websites, portals and also social networking sites. As we all know that web hosting is nothing but buying web spaces to store data. A dedicated server accommodates a huge data base like content, images, videos and more.

Dedicated Server Hosting
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There are many dedicated web hosting server providers. Their servers and hardware are latest and come with strong features. These help and ensure that your website will never face downtime and it will also help in expanding the business. Customers also avail the best experiences like quick site loading, prompt connectivity and more.

Select an Affordable Dedicated Server:

If you are having a small website which is not perfect for a shared web hosting or a virtual private server hosting, then you should go for a dedicated server. Generally small sites are bound to be expanded in future. Thus, the web space should be there to accommodate the future images and content. For a large site, it is obvious that you should opt for a dedicated web hosting. There are several dedicated website hosting packages available in the industry.

A dedicated web hosting service is best for the sites which cater thousands of visitors per day. As we have discussed that affordable dedicated servers are only cost minimum bucks. So, companies can afford and avail best benefitted services along with value added services as well.

A dedicated server also offers complete access to the control panel and best scalability and reliability. So, it is important that you should get the best services and that too from quality dedicated servers which are provided by the reputed web hosting providers. Forget sharing your services and go for a dedicated server.

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Moving to Private Cloud Hosting- Is a right decision for Businesses in Rajasthan?

Private Cloud Hosting

With rapidly evolving technology, more and more businesses are now looking forward to have highly secure and reliable means to store and manage mission critical data. Private cloud hosting is irrefutably growing in popularity and usage. With such an advanced and cutting-edge technology, many IT mavens are left conjecturing, will moving on to private cloud be beneficial for their business in long-run?

A private cloud can be referred to as a single tenant, dedicated hardware platform which runs virtualization software to facilitate an organization with abilities for operating virtual machines and related services. As long as the infrastructure is not pooled, performance and compliance can be failsafe, and comprehensive control over apportioned resources wholly and solely with the organization. This provides a substantial benefit over public cloud provisions where in multiple virtual machines may be contending for the similar resources on the fundamental platform.

Private Cloud Hosting
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Broadly speaking, numerous of prevailing private cloud deployments take place at an enterprise’s own premises, demanding not eworth yen during maintenance and staff proficiency. Additionally, hardware restoration can be bit expensive and challenging to execute. Hence, a hosted private cloud with a vendor is therefore an attractive deal letting an enterprise leverage greater service levels and the cutting-edge managed cloud infrastructure for a foreseeable monthly service charge.

An archetypal hardware platform comprises of numerous high performance host servers that deliver the compute resources to operate the virtual machines, in consort with network accessible and disk storage in the form of 1 or more SAN. Businesses in Rajasthan may have topay heed to the arrangement of the infrastructure to make sure service levels are realized and application performance is acceptable. Ideally, the SANs play a vital role in overall performance of the system.

In a private cloud hosting environment, network swapping can either be shared or dedicated. Nevertheless, by making use of a shared network environment, overhead cost can be dwindled down with very less significant impact on application performance by employing the networking infrastructure of the vendor. For organizations seeking compliance, it would be best if they switch to dedicated network. Whichever option is chosen a meticulous analysis of bandwidth utilization and failover redundancy should be executed.

Moreover, it is completely dependent on the size of the environment, an archetypal platform provides adequate overhead to tolerate failure of at least 1 host server. In practice, almost all platforms are capable enough of withstanding 2 host servers being unavailability which permits carrying out of routine server maintenance to be performed on one, while still sustaining resilience in case a host failure occurs unexpected. SANs are typically configured with atleast of 2 controllers.

Another aspect that plays a vital role in selection of the right cloud vendor is a good SLA. You may have to ensure that there is quick turnaround time to any problems irrespective of any time of day.

Hence, leverage the benefits of moving on to private cloud hosting and drive more business growth and customer satisfaction.

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Key Delivery Models of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

The term ‘Cloud Computing’ is one of the most reverberated buzzwords in the present times’ technological growth. Either knowingly or inadvertently, you might have been using cloud storage and cloud computing services in your day to day life.

Cloud Computing
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Cloud computing is a model that facilitates the user with global accessibility, expediency, on-demand network access to a cohesive pool of scalable computing resources (for e.g., networks, servers, storage, and critical applications) that can instantly be provisioned and released with nominal management endeavor or service provider involvement. It is basically comprises of five crucial attributes, three service models, and four deployment models.

Let’s try to connect the dots and dig deeper to know about the different types of delivery models of cloud computing


Software as a Service (SaaS)- The capability offered to the user is to utilize the service provider’s applications running on a cloud infrastructure. The critical applications are easily and quickly accessible from different types of devices through either a client-based interface (e.g., web-based email), or a program interface. The user don’t at all have to manage or control the intrinsic cloud infrastructure including network, servers, OS, storage provision, or even specific application capabilities, with the probable exemption of restricted user-specific application configuration settings.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)- Through this model of cloud, the capability with which user is facilitated is to deploy user developed or acquired applications (using programming languages, libraries, services, and tools) onto the cloud infrastructure are actually supported by the provider. In fact, the user doesn’t have to either manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure, but has to enjoy complete control over deployed applications and perhaps configure settings for the application-hosting environment according to their requirement.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)- This is the basic model of the cloud and the capability delivered to the user is the provisioning of storage, networks, and other underlying computing resources. In it, the user is empowered to deploy and run random software applications, which can include OS and other critical applications. Moreover, in this model user doesn’t have to manage or control the fundamental cloud infrastructure, but do given comprehensive control over OS, storage, and other deployed applications; and perhaps restricted control over selected networking modules (for instance host firewall applications).

Hence, navigate your business to new heights by integrating the right cloud delivery model into your existing IT infrastructure.

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How SMBs in Rajasthan can leverage private cloud?

Private Cloud Hosting

Businesses are increasingly considering shifting gears to cloud, however are bit apprehensive about sharing resources with multiple users, including CPU, RAM, disk space and bandwidth.

With the emergence of private cloud model, this concern of resource sharing has been annihilated. It facilitates the users with dedicated compute resources that are explicitly put in use for their data. But, there are some businesses in Rajasthan that still have apprehensions about why should they create their own private cloud platform? Through this post, I would like to highlight certain key points that SMBs in Rajasthan can consider.

Private Cloud Hosting
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Let’s have a brief discussion about the top benefits of the private cloud:

  • Security
  • Cloud computing is an exceptionally secure platform, and with the private cloud model your data resides safely behind your company’s dedicated firewall. Given that you keep your virus protection up-to-date and have the right security provisions in place, your data remains intact. With enterprise-grade data center services, the service providers always ensure that integrity of your mission critical data remains unharmed. Additional with the cloud, you don’t have to worry about data loss owning to stolen laptop or desktop.

  • Scalability
  • Both private and public cloud enables you to rapidly create a customized server. According to your varying business requirements you can add or reduce memory, storage or CPU. In fact, private cloud platform grow as your business expands, and it tend to be more customizable comparatively to public cloud offerings.

  • No more maintenance or upgradation costs
  • IT infrastructure maintenance and upgradation costs can hit the bottom line of your business, specifically for SMBs. With this cloud platform, the cloud vendor is completely responsible to take care of all these expenses. All you need to do is to pay rent for the space you have taken on lease. And, you have to pay for only for the resources that you are using.

  • Redundancy
  • Unexpected events don’t happen by informing anyone of us. They just happen. And, it is always wise to be always prepared for any such events. One of the compelling advantage private clouds is that you have superior level of control through redundancy attribute.

  • Reduces down dependence on dedicated servers
  • Big corporates usually need several servers to carry on their business operations efficiently. When you have multiple on-site servers, then definitely it will add to your worry about cost of maintaining and upgrading them. You also have to ponder about where you will be storing them as well as about how much energy they consume. Therefore, creating a private cloud your overall overhead cost will cut down to a great extent.

    Hence, take a smart decision and concentrate on other competencies of your business.

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Why People Move to the Cloud?

Cloud Hosting

Organizations always aim to take full advantage of their IT return on investment. They also try to expand the functionalities and better their web hosted services. These play the most prominent role for their businesses. According to some reports, there is a buss of cloud hosting or cloud computing acceptance across the web hosting industry sectors. Enterprises and the organizations are recognizing the benefits and the potentiality of cloud hosting servers.

Cloud Hosting
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There must be some curiosities regarding the preferences for cloud web hosting. This blog deals with the main benefits and the best features of cloud. These features will draw the conclusion line on why organizations or people are moving to the cloud hosting services?

Here, we have pointed some of the prominent benefits of Cloud Hosting:

Scalable and Flexible

If your business owns a cloud web hosting, then being a subscriber you have the liberty of increasing and decreasing the usage of different cloud services and that too according to the requirements. Business owners can decide their budget and can spend accordingly that.

Cost Deductions

Cloud server users can reduce a huge amount of expenses. Organizations are allowed to get the services on-demand according to need and it helps the SME’s to save money. If we compare with other available web hosting techniques, we shall see that there are fewer requirements for capital expenses. Cloud hosting subscribers can control and manage most of the servers and connections.

Agile and Mobile

Cloud hosting or cloud computing is mobile and it offers the opportunity to work from several of locations. It helps professionals to work on different devices and work from their desired locations. Professionals can sign in their cloud account through Office 365. It supports PC, laptop, smartphone or any other mobile devices. Your confidential or important files and documents are available online and there is no physical bond to the any particular system to be used. Cloud technology is neutral and if you have an internet connection with enough bandwidth you can able to work from any place.

Easy Upgrades

If you are a cloud subscriber, you are solely responsible for upgrading several cloud solutions. Cloud computing is completely hassle free when you are concern about the upgrades. Suppose some new solutions are available in the market, your cloud hosting providers shall spend in them and those new solutions will be available to you.

Business continuity

Last but not the least, cloud takes care of your business continuity and the employees need not require too afraid of losing their important and confidential data from any mishaps. Sometimes while working we all face system crash, but your cloud computing secures all your data and provides you with proper backups. Employees are allowed to access all kind of required tools and cloud solutions over internet. Same applies for natural calamities or any theft or technology outage. Using the cloud assures uninterrupted business.

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Dedicated Server- A perfect solution for handling rising web traffic

Dedicate Server

With more and more businesses trying to make their online presence stronger, it has become highly significant for them to keep abreast of the latest in technology. There are many options available in the market which definitely can bemuse anyone who is new to this domain. Deciding on whether to go ahead with a shared or dedicated server hosting plan, can be a tricky task.

Nevertheless, both types of hosting provisions have their own unique benefits to offer and deciding on the right choice for you will largely rely on your business requirements. Broadly speaking, dedicated server as compared to other hosting plans is expensive. Additionally, you might either need to have technical expertise or hire an experienced IT staff. While, you look at this perspective of the dedicated server hosting it might be possible that you may want to give it a second consideration.

Dedicate Server
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Through this post, let’s have a deeper understanding about dedicated server in more detail and how exactly it can help businesses in Rajasthan manage your rising web traffic smoothly:

According to the standard definition, a dedicated server hosts website of single client on the server. In comparison to shared hosting solution, the user can host hundreds of websites on a single server and you can right away start realizing the related benefits. Since, this type of server has only one client, it doesn’t signify that you can host just a single website on it. Rather, for big multinational companies wherein they have multiple divisions to operate, it has been considered as one of the most economical option to host their website on dedicated server. Rather, hosting each site on an independent shared server.

How exactly it can help you manage rising web traffic smoothly?

This is one of the most important concerns that businesses in Rajasthan do face these days. Increasing website traffic is something that is keeping them on their toes. Here, I would say that all these problems can well be taken care by them. All they have to do is to determine the volume of web traffic that they usually have to deal with. If they are dealing with heavy volume of traffic on daily basis, then it would be highly recommendable to go ahead with dedicated server hosting services. As it will be the cost-effective solution for them. One of the compelling advantages of this type of server is that they don’t have to share resources with other users. All the computing resources can be dedicatedly used to meet their own business requirements.

Secondly, you can even customize certain aspects of the hosting on the server as per your increasing or decreasing requirements. However, it has been found that what exactly averts most companies from taking up dedicated server is that it is not cost-effective. This is the reason why it is majorly chosen by the multinational companies.

In a nutshell, take the advantage of dedicated server hosting and manage your website traffic more effectively.

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Is Windows VPS Hosting the right solution for my business?

VPS Hosting

Undoubtedly, these days more and more businesses, regardless of shape and size are vying to gain competitive edge over their competitors. However, creation of a beautiful website doesn’t mean that your onus is over. You can easily sit back and focus on other aspects of your business.

VPS Hosting
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Hope, it could have been really possible. But, it is not that simple as we assume it is. Once you have created your website your responsibilities towards it increases. As, you have to get it hosted with a reliable and dependent host.
Among other hosting options, Windows VPS Hosting has gained tremendous popularity amid the IT organizations. It is all because of the reason that it has been considered as one of the most potent operating system.

Broadly speaking, there are numerous of programs that are typically Windows compatible. And, a hosting system functioning on the same operating system is more safe and secure. Hence, it becomes quite easy to repair them in case any unexpected issue arises.

Windows VPS Server Hosting has become one of the most preferred hosting options among the businesses because it is easy to use. Furthermore, it can be automatically updated without any human interference, which ways the management of the server becomes piece of cake for the user. They don’t need to be technical sound so as to setup their VPS sever. It’s all the game of a one click that comes with hosting plans offered by the service provider.

Some of the key features of the Windows VPS Hosting that makes it the most preferred choice among the businesses in Rajasthan are as mentioned below:

.Automatic updates- The Windows OS comes with automated update options and features which enables you to stop worrying about manually updating your system. With Windows VPS Hosting, the user can concentrate on other important aspects of their business simply by setting automated update options.

•Managed Windows VPS Hosting- Through managed VPS service, the end user is not at all responsible for anything which means that the hosting service provider will be taking caring of their VPS server. They just have to sit back and relax with peace of mind. They will be regularly monitoring your Windows VPS, in order to keep a stringent check on the system. Plus, keep track of your system’s varying requirements and inform you about the same whenever transformations need to be done.

•Automatic data back-up- This is one of the most compelling aspect of the VPS server hosting. It keeps the duplicate copy of your mission-critical data in a remote location. Hence, in case any unexpected issue or problem arises your data remains intact, thereby ensuring continuity of your business.

Ultimately, I would say that it’s always wise to take right solution beforehand rather than waiting for any unexpected event to occur. Keep your website up and running simply by choosing VPS server hosting services and gain competitive advantage.

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Shared Server Hosting Paying Rick Dividends to SMBs in Rajasthan

Shared Hosting

Often business people get carried away studying advantages of immaculate cloud server and dedicated server hosting services and blindly choose one of them over the old and wrongly unpopular shared server. However what they fail to realize is that shared server (which is used by more than ninety percent of businesses) is a tailor made solution unambiguously apt for start-ups and SMBs. It proffers the desired characteristics allowing organizations to reap fruitful benefits at the same time putting a beneficial check on their costing. You do not need unprecedented bandwidth, extremely high CPU utilization, extensive disc space, etc. once you have just put your first step forward in the business arena. Let’s face it.

Shared Hosting
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Your web traffic is not expected to skyrocket instantly. It certainly takes time to leave a handsome mark in business which shall result in attracting high website traffic. For your initial days which may stretch up to five to six years depending upon your business growth rate, shared hosting is an ideal choice to host your website.

The cost saved is not a compromise but wise saving which can be utilized in other crucial aspects of your business. In shared environment, many websites share a common server, hence sharing resources including CPU utilization, RAM, Processor speed, Disk space, etc. The resources perfectly suffice the general needs of a start-up website ensuring smooth flow of non-interrupted service experienced by customers.

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