SEO Success

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is critical to the success of any website. Some niches are also extremely competitive to rank for. However, regardless of what category your website falls into, the faster you can get SEO working for you, the more successful you will become at building your presence and improving your online ranking. To achieve instant SEO success you must improve in following areas.

SEO Success

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1. Provide Great Content.

You may have heard the old saying ‘content is king’ – this is still the case. As such, your content should add value to your website. Know your audience, know what they seek and provide information in line with this. Ensure that your content reflects your article or page title – do not try to con visitors by using ‘catchy’ irrelevant titles that do not match content. Your content should inspire trust. Also use appropriate keywords throughout the content.

SEO Success

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2. Use Relevant Titles.

Choose a title that is keyword-rich. Some people focus on keywords that already overused and too competitive to rank for. Especially if you are new in a saturated niche, do something different: look at keywords that reflect your content and audience interests but that are less popular, including long-tail keywords.

Google’s keyword tool is a free resource that could help you find keywords and find out about keyword popularity even by geographic regions.

3. Check Page Index

Check that your pages are being indexed, and indexed rather quickly, by search engines. For example, if you type ‘’ into search engine (substitute with your actual web address), you will see how many of your pages have been indexed, including your latest post. Using professional SEO services from will ensure you stay on top of this, as it may take time.

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4. Use Social Media

Get social with your pages and post – post your new articles on social media and list on any social platform that is relevant to your online presence.

5. Improve Website Performance and Speed

Sign up to Google Console to monitor your website. Do regular analysis to check there are no broken links or impeding scripts or CSS and that the website is loading fast, including the mobile version of your website. Always use quality images that load fast and are correctly sized.



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