Competitive Scholarship for Commonwealth countries

A highly competitive scholarship that is given to the students of commonwealth countries to pursue their higher studies and India is one among such countries. The best of the best students form the commonwealth countries get this scholarships or fellowships. Commonwealth fellowship and scholarship is one of the largest and most prestigious scholarships schemes for international study in the world. These scholarships are fully funded for the students who receive it. The candidates need to apply online for these scholarships through Electronic Application System.

Few lists of Commonwealth scholarships and fellowships along with their details are given below:

Scholarship for Master’s and Ph.D.: This scholarship is given to the citizens of developing commonwealth countries for pursuing one year Master’s and 3 years Ph.D. course in the UK universities. The scholarship generally lasts for 36 months in case of doctoral postgraduate and 12 months in case of postgraduate qualification.

Shared Scholarship: This is fully paid scholarship given to the students for Master’s study at selected universities in UK through a joint partnership of CSK. This scholarship is given to those students from developing countries who are unable to afford Master’s level study in UK. he full cost of  the program along with allowances and  all other expenses are covered under this  Commonwealth scholarship.

Split Side Scholarship: This scholarship is for students who are pursuing Ph.D. in their home country. The Split-site Scholarships supports their one year’s study at a UK university. So basically the students are able to split their Ph.D. study in their home country & UK. The scholarship covers full tuition fees for one year at the UK host university, stipend (£977 per month) for up to one year in the UK, return airfare, and other allowances.

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Distance Learning Scholarship: This scholarship provides the opportunity for individuals to study for a UK Master’s degree while living and working in their home country. Around 2000 scholarships have been distributed till date under the distance learning scholarship.

Professional Fellowship: This is a fellowship for or mid-career professionals who have minimum 5 years of work experience to spend time at a UK host organisation working in their field for a programme of professional development. The Fellowship would generally be for a period of 3 months and is not a research or academic program but a professional development programme and the aspiring individuals should have relevant work experience in the field within which they wish to undertake the Fellowship.

Medical Fellowships: This fellowship is for medical & dental students who want to learn or practice a new medical or dental skill and to network with other medical professionals in the same and related specialties. The secondary aim for the Medical Fellows is  to participate in the academic activities of the host organisation and to conduct small-scale research projects in their fields. The fellowship period is minimum 4 months.

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