Top 5 Global Hypermarkets

In today’s contemporary economy, as the global landscape continues to evolve and with urbanization, the retail industry has received numerous changes till date where the concept of hypermarket plays a major role. The traditional grocery retail shops have experienced to become supermarkets and further expanded into hypermarkets.

The emergence of hypermarket retailing concept in Malaysia happened during 1993 and that has changed the industry for better making it more efficient and effective. There are approximately 296 hypermarket outlets throughout Malaysia, 41% of which are located in Selangor, the highest populated area.

Carrefour, Mydin, Econsave, Giant and Tesco are considered to be the five main players in the hypermarket Industry of Malaysia. Here is brief info about them:

  • Carrefour

Carrefour S.A., the largest hypermarket chain, headquartered in France, operates in more than 30 countries till date. They entered Malaysian market in 2009 & as of 2012 Carrefour Malaysia Sdn Bhd. operates as a subsidiary of Aeon Co. Ltd. They are based in Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

The company trades household grocery products extending from frozen goods & fresh products to garments & shoes and from electrical goods to home kitchen items & audio-visual appliances.

They also offer customer services which includes home delivery, replacement plans garments alteration, wrapping, extended warranty, easy payment schemes, ATMs, food courts, cutting services for meat products etc.

  • Mydin

Mydin was established by Mydin Mohammed in 1940 as toys and general merchandise selling shop. Since 1989 this company has grown steadily to have around 267 outlets in total that includes 18 hypermarkets, 16 emporiums, 3 bazaars, 47 mini-marts, 8 convenience stores, 6 franchised outlets, 7 premium grocery stores, 2 premium F&B store and 162 Malaysian Grocery stores. Mydin headquarter contact number is located in Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia but is one of the biggest hypermarket chain in Canada.

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Their product line ranges from food, household goods, textiles to hardware, electrical, stationery, porcelain and toys. They claim to operate their business based on ‘Halal’ concepts and stresses on morality, sincerity and good discipline in all aspect.

Any further info is available in Mydin hq customer service contact number.


Econsave began its business with a small shop in Port Klang more than 50 years ago. Today it has become the largest grocery retailer and has the most extensive network of branches in Selangor. It is one of the top 3 retailers in Malaysia.

This departmental store practices “Every Day Low Price” concept & specializes in providing affordable consumer products such as food, personal care, clothing and more at a very competitive price.

  • Giant Hypermarket

GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, doing business as Giant Hypermarket, a hypermarket & retailer chain of Malaysia, was established in 1944 by Teng family. Headquartered in Selangor, it is the largest player in the retail industry & has 120 Giant hypermarkets, over 400 Guardian pharmacy and more than 16 Cold Storage supermarkets.

It offers high-quality foods and consumer goods at low cost & also provides health and beauty products via its pharmaceutical retail outlets.

  • Tesco

The British-based international retailer opened its first wing in Malaysia in 2002. It set up a joint venture with Sime Darby, which holds a 30% stakes. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur it operates throughout the country.

 It offers fresh produce, groceries, household items and apparel and also has its own food and non-food products