Simple Tips To Make Train Journey Really Enjoyable When You Are Alone

There is no doubt train travel bring some of the fantastic moments in the life especially when it is a long journey. When you are with your friends, there is no need of tips and tricks to make the journey interesting since the friends make you the best in entertainment. But, when you are alone, you will certainly look for some of the simple tips that are free from books and music to spend the time in an excellent way. Here are some of the best among them.

Make mobile your game station

Yes, now mobile is your best friend and a game station. There are excellent games that take you from one level to next. It is really a good idea to get engaged in these games if you hate to hold the books or ear phone for long hours. The games make you feel really thrilled and keep up yourenergy when you move from one level to another.

Count the poles you cross

There is no need to get surprised. Counting the poles passing by is one of the best simple tips that keep you engaged when you really bored from other usual activities. Did you know that you can calculate the speed of the train by counting the poles? Yes, just set a short time period and count the poles. Repeat the process to know about the pace of the train at different intervals. This is also an excellent mental game to get engaged with when you travel alone.

Make the best in food

It is the good food that makes the real comfort on the travel. Why can’t you make food booking the best time pass? Yes, at present there are food suppliers with mobile apps to serve you. Make use of the app and search for your delicious dishes. It is really interesting to go through the menus and select the dishes. Make your orders and wait for the delicious dishes. Get the train food at your seat. You can spend a good time with an interesting search for a delicious menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is really thrilling to book the food on the go and to get the same at your seat.

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Step out on every platform

This is a simple but fantastic tip to make the train travel a good experience. Step out each of the station to have a look at the local specials and to experience the behaviour of the people. India is a wonderful country with the diverse range of people, languages and culture. Each of the station certainly carries something special to say about the place when you make a good watch. It is also a good idea take some photos if you like something different.

These are some of the simple tips that help you to make the train journey really enjoyable when you are alone. So whenever you plan your next train travel, keep these tips in mind. There is no doubt you will experience something special when you travel alone.

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